Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Out

I've gotten over the initial hump of working out.  I'm not sore anymore and I don't feel like I'm going to die in the middle of a workout, and I feel better.  For instance, after 12 days of leg workouts, I no longer see stars when I have to squat for something.  Bonus!  I haven't weighed myself since Sunday, when I saw the big ZERO pounds lost, and I still don't think I'm losing any weight.  I put on some clean pants this morning and they are still sooooo tight!  I think I might get those pajama jeans.  Have you seen those?  I like the idea of elastic waist pants disguised as not elastic waist pants.  I tried on some yoga pants the other day because I like the cut of their jibe, but they weren't very flattering on me.  My legs are too short and lumpy to pull them off.  I'd have to hem them. Sad.

I've been thinking a lot about this diet thing and how to make it a lifestyle change instead of a diet. Oprah always says that if you are overweight, you must have emotional problems.  I don't think that's why I eat so much.  I think I eat so much because I really really like food a lot.  So I have decided to think of it as what I want to carry around with me every day of my life.  I remember when I didn't have to carry a diaper bag around with me everywhere I went and how free that made me feel.  A diaper bag weighs what, about ten pounds at the most?  I'm carrying an extra 30 pounds of flesh I don't need on my body.  I want to convince myself that life would be so much better if I was leaner and carried less around with me.  One of the things I love about being thin(ner) is that when I run up the steps my back fat doesn't jump up and down with every step.  I really hate that back fat.

Also, one time I was listening to Ralph Nader in an interview and someone asked him about his eating habits. I don't know why.  He's a lean man and he said when he was little and wanted goodies, his mom would tell him not to let his taste buds be in charge of what he put in his body because what your taste buds like isn't necessarily the best thing for you.  I never forgot that.  I have to remind myself of it now so I don't break down and make five loaves of banana bread (hey family, eat the bananas!) and eat three myself.

Another thing I've been thinking about to help keep me motivated is to think of every pound I lose (which is none yet GRRRR) as a pound of butter.  Think of five pounds of butter sitting on the counter in front of you, that's a lot of butter!  Five pounds is a big deal.  Even one pound is a big deal.  Where does the weight go?  I know it's burned off, but does the earth weigh slightly less when we lose weight?  I gotta stop thinking.

I went snowshoeing today in deep snow for 40 minutes and almost had five heart attacks, but didn't;  and I also did a video workout and they are getting easier every day.  It's so great to come here every day and see what you guys are up to.  It helps a lot!


  1. every time we see the ad for pajama jeans i threaten my step-son with a pair! also, i did a real workout today, with the other old ladies at my gym, and i am feeling stars in my legs and excited for when that feeling will go away too.

    i have to say, as much as i hate working out (and I HATE IT) i feel so badass afterward. is that what endorphins do?!

  2. CARP, I just wrote a long post and my computer ate it. At least SOMETHING gets to eat.

    GREAT JOB on the workouts, SL! You have inspired me to haul my fat ass downstairs tonight after my scintillating eveing of Mommy-teenager time at the Mall. I'll let you know if I survive it. (The treadmill, silly.)

    I HATE working out. I have zero excuse not to, but I still hate it. I don't even know why, because I ALWAYS feel great after wards. I not only feel physically, endorphinally-energized, but I feel mentally better. I feel less slug-like. I wish I could get myself back in the habit. I don't know how to force it into existence. I used to belong to a gym, and went 5 times a week... and I didn't hate it then. Maybe it's because I have so much MORE weight to lose now, I don't know. I just know the thought of walking for 45 minutes on the treadmill, even in the privacy of my own basement, makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

    Wah. I want cake.