Tuesday, January 11, 2011

let's get physical!

i joined the gym at work today.  i really couldn't not do it; it's only $12.50 a month and the only people who use it are little old ladies and co-workers. not a lot of hardbodies in there to make me feel gross, and no one, but no one, is going that fast in there.  it's not a big gym, which is what you would expect from a small hospital, but it has three elliptical machines, a few rowers, bikes and treadmills.  they also have circuit training classes, lots and lots of weights, and way too much swing music, which evidently old ladies like to listen to when they work out.

i went down there today to just pay and check it out, and Mark, the guy who runs it, said, "well if you're done with work, why not do a quick workout now?"  um, because i'm in my scrubs?  oh wait, scrubs are like pjs and twenty minutes working out on a treadmill without my sports bra isn't going to turn me into pancake boobs.  those excuses went out the window, and i went ahead and familiarized myself with the equipment while getting sweaty in my work clothes.

i honestly hate going to the gym.  i feel self-conscious and weird, and not just about my body; i'm not terribly coordinated, and knowing people can see my flail and flop is unnerving.  needless to say, i'm proud of myself for going in. tonight i'm going to go pack a gym back to keep in my car so i can go right after work (or even on long lunch breaks) and i'm going to make myself a deal; for every 10 visits i make to the gym, i can treat myself to a little something (i'm thinking maybe downloads for my ipod, goofy shit like ke$ha that is fun to work out to).   i'm going to positively reward myself and see if that helps.  i'm also going to remind myself as often as i can that making a new habit takes a while and that not wanting to go to the gym this month isn't because i suck, i'm just not used to it.

cross your fingers...the last time i joined a gym, i went five times and paid hundred of dollars for the privilege.    


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  1. You can do it. !!!
    It's only a matter of time before I quit making my own excuses and do the same. For me, it's not whether I join a gym again, (I've paid the hundreds to two of them and also didn't use them enough) but start using the equipment we have in the basement collecting dust. A decent treadmill, a used but decent elliptical, and a few random free weights. And of course a Billy Blanks Tae Bo 4-DVD set that is BURIED under dust, but my God, does Tae Bo ever work. If you have a small piece of carpet space anywhere in front of your t.v. at home, I highly recommend trying the Tae Bo Basic DVD. They're older, and the music borders on cheese, BUT - it's impossible to do it and not see results, fast. It's only 20 minutes, and I swear, when I was doing that mere 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week (hardly any time commitment at all, ugh) I was dropping weight and adding muscle in places I didn't know muscle could be added to. Seriously. It's amazing, and also fun!

    Good job joining your work gym. Everything helps, right? Like this blog. It's a fabulous idea. I am on day 3 of my Slim Fast Odyssey already, and yes, I feel like I'm starving to death. But I'm happy about it. (However, last night I swallowed 4 pieces of cold day-old cheese pizza without even realizing what I was doing. I didn't even taste them. (DAMNIT!) It's a struggle. I never fall off my wagon a teeny little bit. I fall off a cliff, and then get hit by a train, and then fall off another cliff into the ocean and drown. My diet fails are epic.)
    I have to be a pseudo-photographer for a friend's wedding on March 5th. How am I gonna lose 40 pounds by March 5th?!
    Not sure why I'm still typing. Think it's because I gave up coffee (I get a gut-ache from drinking it, but was still drinking it...) and I've been sleep-walking through life since Monday. *yawn*
    P.S. The ultimate treadmill song, which always makes me practically DANCE on the treadmill: "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert. !!!!!!!