Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's talk about "energy".

All you dog owners out there have probably heard of the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan.  Love that show.  Some people say that his methods are controversial??  but darnit they work!  While watching his show, I realized that his approach to training your dog can be used for "food training" ourselves.

He always talks about your "energy".  Dogs don't really understand our verbal language, but they definitely understand our body language and our energy that we have when we come into a room.   He was helping some couple train their hyper boxer and after demonstrating the technique, he handed the dog over to his owner and said "You ready to try" (in that awesome Latino accent) and the owner said "Well, sure I think I can try..."  oops.  Cesar corrected him by saying "You bring a completely different energy to the situation by saying "well, I think I can" instead of "yes absolutely I can."  It's all in our state of mind.  Really it applies to everything in life.  Food, exercise, learning a new skill, conquering a crazy goal...  or just simple tasks like catching up on laundry.

I told my silly realization to Lisa and she didn't think I was crazy at all.  In fact she added her two cents by saying, "Cesar doesn't believe the dog needs to change its behavior.  They do what comes naturally.  It's the owners habits and behaviors that need to change.  No different than food...  It won't change; WE have to change our habits." 

Put that in your protein shake and drink it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Eyes on the Prize

Hi girls, Kristin here.  Today, I am looking ahead to Thanksgiving with one goal in mind:  I am going to hit my goal weight by that day.

I'm out of excuses.  I have all the information I need.  I know how to do this.  I know what I've done wrong, what I'm still doing wrong, what I need to change first, what I should eat, how much and how I should exercise, yadda yadda yadda.  I HAVE THE INFORMATION.

What I have lacked to this point is the complete desire to DO SOMETHING with it all.  Maybe I was a little over-whelmed...?  Who knows.  All I DO know is, I am sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired (and fat and flabby and squishy and pudgy and lazy and sluggish and undisciplined and unhappy and unmotivated and unhealthy and flaccid and jiggly and crabby and did I mention FAT???)

So here's the bottom line:  My birthday carb-fest is a memory.  It was fabulous.  A yummy build-your-own taco buffet, healthy veggies and homemade cucumber dip, and in lieu of a cake, I requested a platter of little frozen mini-eclairs.  I ate at least 7 of them.  HEAVEN.

This is me, in heaven.
 I am 43 now.   It has been firmly established that I am NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER.  In addition, it has not gotten any easier to get healthy, or to exercise, to find motivation, or to be gung-ho about anything.  Aging sucks. But that doesn't mean I have to roll over and wait to die, does it?  Of course not.  I'm trying to take a realistic but consistent approach from this point on.  If I'm hungry, I'll eat - but it's going to be something that's healthy, good for me, and I'm going to eat small portions of everything and quit eating when I'm full.  I'm going to eliminate pop from my life once and for all, and I'm going to drink more water, home-brewed ice tea, hot tea/green tea, mineral water, and 1% milk.  I don't need any other beverages to be happy.  I'm going to enjoy every single bite of everything I eat, and I'm not going to sit in front of the t.v. and eat, or in front of the computer and eat, or eat in my car mindlessly.  I'm going to count my calories and keep it real.  I'm going to get on those machines 3-4 times each week, and I will strengthen my core with my squishy ab ball as often as possible.  


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anne has an "A-Ha!" moment.

Yes, Oprah!  It's for realz.  Way back, a long long long time ago when Corine was a newbie, I was starting out my new "career" as a stay at home mommy and whoa!  I discovered Dr. Phil.  I can't stand that show anymore, but at the time it clicked for me and I was addicted to his show.   "How's that workin' for ya??"   He started his own "Biggest Loser" contest and really did offer a lot of good information about food from a psychology point of view.  He preached about our addiction to sugar (much like Lisa does) and made promises to all of us faithful viewers that if we are diligent in our efforts and really stick to his eating advice, after a few weeks we wouldn't even crave that bad stuff. 

Yeah, right.  I wasn't gonna fall for that.  Until now. A-Ha!  Light bulb!

I've been doing this diet for 4 weeks now and it's true.  I should re-word that actually as being human, yes I do still have those cravings for chocolate and french fries (yeah, at the same time) but I don't think about it obsessively to the point of not being able to think about anything else and the next thing you know, I'm in the Mickey D's drive thru screaming "GIVE IT TO ME!" at the box! 

Last weekend, we treated ourselves to a little Culver's frozen custard.  I just ordered one scoop of the flavor of the day and Brian inhaled a Lalapalooza.  (not really, I just want to make an example of his bad habits to make me look better.)  I finished my 1/2 cup of frozen goodness and thought..."ehhh, it wasn't really that great."   I have this chocolate protein pudding mix from Lisa that I think is super yummy, esp when I mix in my fresh strawberries.  OMG!  Heavenly.  Coulda had that instead and been happy.

Yesterday I had plans to meet a g-friend for lunch at a restaurant downtown.   I was all excited for A.) lunch with a friend, B.) not having to cook, and C.) putting my menu planning skills to the test and being a good girl.  I ordered a chicken taco salad.  The menu claimed it was an abundant amount of fresh salad greens in a taco shell (that I wasn't planning on eating - never been a fave of mine) pico de gallo (sp?) black bean and corn salsa and seasoned shredded chicken.  Sounds perfect.  I asked for all the sour cream, guac, and dressing on the side.  What a good girl!

The perfect sized salad arrives to the table, just as I ordered!  I stuck my fork into the salad to sorta stir it up as all the chicken was on the top... I kept searching and searching...  where the hell is the lettuce?  It was almost all most people wouldn't complain about not enough veggies, but I have to say that I was sorta disappointed.  It was delicious!  But, I knew I wasn't getting enough of everything I needed.  Seriously, I don't think that a wild coyote could have eaten all that chicken.   Then as I was digesting, I wanted to lay down and take a nap right there on the dirty bar floor.   I felt horrible.  Sluggish.  Depressed.  Unsatisfied.  I wanted a plate of fruit and a gallon of water.   I walked around the neighborhood later in the day with Max, and he was actually pulling me along instead of the other way around.  I kept begging him to just stop and sniff and pee on something.  I fell asleep on the couch at 9:00.  Woke up at 10:30.  Went to bed and didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning.  I haven't done that since before I detoxed. 

I don't want to do that to myself again, but what do I do when friends want to go out to lunch?  I'm going to become even more antisocial!   No worries; next time I will check with my guru for advice ahead of time..  she knows of good places to go and good things to order.   She's got my back.

And another thing.  When I was driving home from this two hour lunch, not only was I half asleep but my ears were ringing like the Carol of the Bells.  What?  That's usually a sign of my anxiety workin' itself up.   What was I wound up about?  I just had a nice lunch with an old friend.  I got home and as I was getting out of the car, oh man my neck and shoulders were all tense. 

Hmmm, was that really a nice lunch with an old friend?  She's still the same even keeled girl as ever, but her lifestyle and mine are polar opposites.  As I thought of the things that she was telling me about what's new in her world, I came to the realization that if I had just met her for the first time that day, I would never go out of my way to socialize with her again.  Not that she's a bad person, or a negative Nellie, I just don't usually associate with 44 year old bar hoppers.  Her kids are a mess, but she has this mentality that they decide their own destiny.  There were just somethings that I didn't agree with, and I'm sure she listened to my boring life's tales and thinks I'm a prudish bitch.   Whatever. 

I only get so much "me" time each day, and I was upset with how I spent it yesterday.  Meetings with friends should be an energy booster, not a drain.   But I had a great session with Lisa this morning and today is a new day!  I think that the counselling part of this life style change is even more important than the food coaching.   Like she says, it's way deeper than just the food we eat. 

Lisa said something like "Maybe you needed that lunch with her for a reason."  Like to show me what my values really are; what my goals are... etc.  So right.  Perhaps it wasn't time wasted after all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is totally blog-worthy...

Lisa gave me this recipe titled "Gluten Free Protein Pancakes".  Protein pancakes?  What are they made outta... shredded steak??  It doesn't really sound too good, does it?  She even acknowledged that fact and said she should change the name to "Super Awesome Delicious Pancakes". 

Finally - FINALLY- I broke down today and made them. 

O.M.G.  ohhhmygawd!!!   How can something this good be so good for you??  I will never make pancakes the old way again.  No way.

Here's the recipe:

1/2 C Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats
1 small banana or 1/2 C blueberries
3/4 C egg white substitutes or 4 egg whites

Blend in a Magic Bullet or blender until smooth.  Cook on a griddle for 3-4 minutes/side.  Top with fruit or real maple syrup.

Makes 1 serving - calories: 330 /  3 g. fat  /  24 g. protein   /  53g. carbs

OK, I used just regular rolled oats (Bob's Red Mill brand), and 2 whole eggs instead of the egg whites.  (lovely cage free eggs)  and I added just a smidge - a tiny smidge - of flour cuz I thought it seemed just a little too runny. 

Flippin awesomeness!  They are very dense and extremely filling.  Unlike eating regular Bisquick pancakes which make my blood sugar jump thru the roof and a half hour later I need a 4 hour nap , I felt good all afternoon long.  I wasn't even hungry for my afternoon snack.  (although I didn't skip it...if I get the chance to eat, I'm eatin'!)

For the record, I just had my measurements taken again and there are 12.25 inches less of me to go around.  That's a whole lotta flabby flabbines that is no longer there.   She measures the circumference of my neck, shoulders, bust, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles...  they are all shrinking.  I'm wearing clothes that I haven't worn in ages.  I feel awesome.  I have energy.  I don't need 6 to 8 Advil a day to take away the soreness in my knees and back and neck and...  I've been riding my bike 10 miles and I don't need ibuprofen just to be able to walk up the stairs???  What's different??  I think it's because I've cut out a lot of that inflammatory response inducing crap out of my diet.   Don't need it!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Can

Hey girlie-Q's - Kristin here.  A question:  Have any of you ever seen the "Four Golden Rules of Dieting?"  They're supposed to be the "no-brainer" approach to losing weight.  They sound something like this:

1. When You Are Hungry, Eat
2. Eat What You Want, Not What You Think You Should
3. Eat Consciously And Enjoy Every Mouthful
4. When You Think You Are Full, Stop Eating

It sounds valid, yes?  It doesn't dictate what to eat, or how much to eat; it doesn't make you weigh portions or count calories incessantly.  It doesn't limit you to "diet-friendly foods; you're supposed to eat whatever you're craving!  But it tells you to eat consciously, which means not while driving, not in front of the t.v. or laptop, and not while multi-tasking, period.  You're supposed to sit, savor and drool over every mouthful, thereby eating slower and allowing yourself the chance to really notice when you're full.  Supposedly, this stops you from eating too much, which is the theory behind eating whatever you want, but just a small portion of it.  Then, to wrap it all up, it tells you to simply stop when you start to feel full.  I think there is a general belief that a normal person wouldn't eat 52 smallish portions of Doritos and chocolate cake, in the absence of any "real" food, while following these rules too literally...!

I can do this.  If I combine the above "rules" with my very long list of healthy, high-protein, high-fiber, low-carb, healthy-fat, and calorie-free beverages, how can I fail?

I do have to say one thing about the "Carb-Addict's Diet," which I have praised before... The "Reward Meal" still works for me.  Even when I don't count every calorie during a day, if I eat dinner before 7:00 p.m., and if I keep that meal to within an hour, I can still eat anything I want during that hour - including dessert! - and the pounds still come off.  This works even without regular workouts (for me), but it works even faster/better when I'm getting 3-4 hours of cardio in per week!  (For me, cardio means elliptical or treadmill...)  

The scientific claim behind why this works has to do with your body metabolizing foods together that are consumed together, or something like that.  If I eat a chunk of cake with my vegetarian chili, and I eat them within a short period of time, they'll BOTH be metabolized when my fat-burners kick in to zap the chili - my metabolism isn't going to only burn off the chili ingredients and leave the cake bits behind to coagulate there; it's all mixed together.  This makes huge amounts of sense to me!  And the Carb-Addict's people say so, so...    LOL.

I'm completely sick and tired of counting calories.  I've been counting ALMOST EVERY DAY since 1999.  That's a lot of frickin' little slips of paper with calorie lists on them.  Something like 4380 lists.  Which I have kept most of.  They're scattered all over my office.  For what?!  I am not a hoarder.

I'm still writing down what and when I eat, to help me get through my days without eating too much or too often.  I need to do this.  It keeps me motivated, keeps me accountable, keeps me on-track.  My only real danger time of day is after dinner time.  I'm still REALLY fighting the urge to pig-out in the late evening, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  I eat plenty (and sometimes too much) during the day, and I space out my mini-meals evenly, and I'm making sure to get enough protein and fiber, and I'm drinking lots of water.  I don't feel I'm hungry in the evening because of any of those things being skipped or forgotten during the day.  I'm still trying to figure this out.  <sigh>

Have a great weekend, chicas!!!  THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!

And now, my little weekend prezzie to you:  While you're munching your snap peas, you can drool over Alcide!  OMG, Joe Manganiello!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lost: 10 Lbs...

If found, please don't return it to me.  Send it to Natalie Portman or Oprah.

How about them apples?  According to the fancy shmancy scale yesterday, I'm down 10 lbs, of which 7 were fat lbs.  Don't ask me how the scale's been explained to me, but it involves science and physics, and other math and that pretty much tunes my brain right out.

I'm feeling good, looking better, wearing some clothes that I haven't worn (with any pride) for a few months.  It's rockin'!  Today I went to the salon and had an awesome haircut that makes me look skinnier.  Again, don't ask how - my hair dresser is a genius.  Friday I'm going back for a massage.

I think I'm starting to grasp this concept of taking care of Anne.  I'm realizing that nobody else is going to really do it for me, and it's OK to be a little selfish and self centered.  You know, why is it not OK to let other people down, but it seems totally acceptable to let myself down?  I have high expectations of other people, why not myself?  hmmm....

I was pretty proud of myself today...  I was in a rush after school let out as I needed to get ready to go to a class tonight and wanted to leave by 5:00.  So it's the "go through the back pack and get a snack and listen to all the school stories"...yada yada...  And I needed to eat dinner.  I had already told Brian that he and Corine would be on their own, so I just needed to do my own meal.  Quick!  In a panic I was very tempted to just run out and grab something from "Evil Foods R Us", but instead I slowed my thinking.  Hmm, what could I do for a protein that was easy.  No cooking required.  Shrimp!  Just thaw and oila!  While that was thawing out, I steamed my potatoes and green beans in my trusty double decker steamer and whipped up a protein pudding for "dessert".  Dinner was done in 20 minutes and I was out the door on time.  Da-lish and nu-trish.  BAM!  Suck on that Ronny McDonny!

I'm a very routine girl, so tonight through me off a little.  I was home by 9:00, but since I had eaten dinner so early, I was feeling hungry.  Snacky hungry.  Like "give me a bowl of cereal with a side of white toast sprinkled with sugar with another side of chicken a'la king on biscuits" snacky hungry.

Instead I had a chalky and unsatisfying piece of string cheese (really need to get the good stuff) and then a handful of almonds which were really exceptionally yummy.  I'm totally fine now and feel my body winding down from the day.  Need to do some stretches and relax before bed. 

P.S.  Lisa told me a little somethin' somethin'...  she knows a person on the inside at McDonalds...  he told her that they coat their fries with sugar and then deep fry 'em.  NO WONDER THEY ARE SO FLIPPIN ADDICTIVE!!!   

P.S.S.  She also told me a little bit of marketing genius.  She told me to go down the chippy aisle at the grocery store.  Notice all the bright colors of the bags?  To quote her "Look at a bag of Doritos!  It's gorgeous!"  You know why they do that?  Our brains are hard wired to associate bright reds with lean fresh meat.  Dark greens = fresh veggies.  Bright pretty colors = fruits.  So we see these bags of junk food, and our brains want it because of these primitive color associations.  Frito Lay bastards!!!

P.S3  Kristin, I will see Lisa tomorrow and ask her about that 5 factor diet thing...  I have never heard of it, but it does sound similar.  Except I don't get the cheat day.  Well, I suppose essentially I could have as many cheat days as I like, but what would be the point...  They don't promote cheat days, is maybe what I should say.  Any other questions that you'd like to ask her put it on the blog - she reads it and we have some great talks!

Monday, September 5, 2011

To Count or Not to Count...?

I like it, Anne!  Both Marky Mark shirtless (hummina hummina) and the encouragement about not worrying about calories in the food you should eat.  I really struggle with this one.  I've been trying for 16 years to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and have read dozens of books out there that all say to do different things.  I eventually took bits and pieces from each book or theory that fit into my life, and over-all things started working.  (Of course, this was all before 2007, when I found out baby #2 was en-route...) 

The one thing that I discovered, mostly by accident, is that I don't lose weight (can't lose weight?) when I'm not counting calories.  I think it's a Kristin-specific thing, unfortunately.  I attribute this to the books that told me that it's "true that you can't gain weight eating 2000 calories worth of celery or lettuce..." but it's also (possibly) true (not my quote, something from a book...),
"that if you eat too many calories of healthy stuff, almonds or avocados or lean meat or Greek yogurt or whatever, you won't lose weight if you were small to begin with and trying to regain that size..."  Why do the books say this?  These are the books that insist that that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, or that a calorie is simply a unit of energy, and one calorie gained followed by one calorie burned equals a maintained state, yadda yadda yadda...  Sounds like a bunch of BS to me, but what do I know?!

I don't know.  This is so tough for me.  I've been counting so long that I can't imagine a week where I'm not starting my day by writing down my cup of tea at the top of a new little sheet of paper.  I would actually LOVE IT if I didn't have to do this!  But when I don't...the pounds don't CREEP back on over time.  The pounds seem to magically glom onto me while I sleep, over-night!!!  :o(

One author/writer/actress/dancer/vegan who supports the "not counting" approach is Marilu Henner.  She used to be in the show "Taxi," remember her?  Red hair.  More recently she's danced on Broadway.  Anyway, she writes lots of books about healthy living and eating, as well as child-rearing books.  My favorite title of hers:  "I Refuse to Raise a Brat."  Good stuff!

She has some good Labor Day tips and recipes on her website, which goes by the title "Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover."  Here's the link:

Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover 

Anyway. Marilu says the same thing as your guru.  One thing I've never forgotten that she wrote was something along these lines:  "If you change the quality of your food for the better, the quantity that you eat doesn't matter."  I have wished for 16 years that this would just work for me!  The reason I have those calories scribbled on that stupid little page is that I have such a hard time resisting un-healthy food!  If a snack-sized bag of Cheetos contains 320 calories (OMG), and I don't want to waste/spend that many calories on crap food and would rather save the calories for a healthy dinner, then this psych-out alone is often the thing that motivates me to walk away from the crap food.  Without that stupid little list, my brain betrays me, 99% of the time.  It tells me that I should be able to eat whatever I want to, and I do.  This is so unfair!  My own brain.  Trying to derail my efforts at every turn.

Hope everyone's Labor Day weekend has gone well!  I've done OK.  I made a big pot of venison chili today, and we've all been snacking on that.  Healthy ingredients, and I've minimized my saltine consumption.  Now heading to HellMart to stock up on food for the week. 

Have a great week, chickies!!!

Anne's checkin' in...

Happy Labor Day weekend!  I was dreading the long weekend after two whole days of me time (well, during school hours) but things have been going well and we're all getting along for the most part. 

Are we behaving??  Well, at least on our diets?  I have been very good; following along with my plan and have been able to actually plan a day or two ahead.  We have gone out to eat twice, but I was able to control myself and order food that I should be eating.  With the exception of the frozen custard from Culvers.  They are EVIL.  I just had a single scoop of the the flavor of the day...  then felt guilty about wanting to go back again for more.  Instead of letting me sit there in agony,  Brian distracted me with a Mark Wahlberg movie. 1.) Markie Mark.  2.)No shirt. 3.) Awesomeness.  (The Fighter - it was better than Rocky)

Then this morning we went to the 'Bou for "breakfast".  I had a regular plain ol' coffee and I swear my eyes were doing swirlies like a crazy cartoon character from Scooby Doo...  wow!  I had to down a 20 oz bottle of water to dilute the jolt of energy pumping thru my veins.  Serious hard core stuff!

We also went raspberry picking yesterday.  We picked 7 pints and I froze them all for a winter stash.  I wish I could do that with cucumbers.  I hate winter produce...

The guru was keeping tabs on us over the weekend, throwing out words of encouragement...  I liked this one..

"Never worry about calories in the food you should eat.  Worry about the calories in the foods that deviate from our plan."    AMEN!

Hope you all had a great weekend...  some of you reading this will be sending your kiddos off to school tomorrow.   Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Club Pants?! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Today I am unpacking the boxes in my office.  I suppose I should mention that we moved into this "new" house 14 months ago.  So that means it's really REALLY sad and pathetic that I am just now finding a (tiny) chunk of time to get started unpacking my crap.  And it's all crap, too - with a box or two total of mementos mixed in.  The unpacking job entails separating the mementos from the crap, and discarding the crap.  Or otherwise known as, "MY LEAST @#$*^-FAVORITE TASK ON EARTH.

One might assume I'm smoothing the way with chewy, homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, or tequila.  But I'm not.  I had one minor dietary slip an hour ago, when I picked up the 3-year-old from my mother's house and stalked directly to her fridge, threw it open, and swallowed a can of Dr. Pepper in one gulp before I had a chance to taste it, or ask permission.  I usually ask permission at least.  In my opinion, it was worth all 150 caramel-colored calories on a day such as this.

I found two garbage bags full of "club clothes" while digging.  (Seriously?!  Did I REALLY wear these clothes in public?!  And actually DANCED in them?!  In FRONT of people?!)  They're all size 3,4,5...  I can't remember there being a size "0" when I was in high school or college, but I weighed around 120 pounds from the ages of 18-27, and I know a zero would have never fit me.  Even so, I have to admit I feel a little wistful as I bag these things up for Goodwill.  I mean, couldn't I make some of these items a "goal?"  They're not ALL tiny - most of them are actually lycra/spandex (I TOLD YOU - "CLUB CLOTHES!") - and I know that even if my ass ends up being a size 7 or 8 or 9 when I hit my goal weight of 125, I will be able to squeeze into some of these leggings pants.  And NO, I don't have any intention of wearing them in public again.  And NO, I don't ever have plans to dance in public again!  Stop laughing!  I used to be AWESOME.

These are very similar to my club pants.  No, I don't remember what I wore for shoes.  No, I do not have Alzheimer's.
It's almost 6:00 p.m., and I'm already at 1270 calories for the day.  I know I should stop there and be done eating now, but there is NO WAY I'll be able to do it - I'm hungry NOW!  I do plan to get on the elliptical later, though.  Maybe I'll survive with a protein bar or shake and a cup of tea closer to bedtime.  Wish me luck!


I'm not sure where those good luck wishes were directed, but they didn't land on me!  ROTFL!  Here's dinner, at 6:45 p.m.:

Lean Cuisine Mushroom Pizza:  300 calories
Mike's "Lite" Hard Lemonade:  100 calories
Total for the day (so far):  1670 calories

Dinner of Champions.  WINNING!!!
Which means that I need to ride that 'ol elliptical for two hours now to end up where I'd like to be for the day.  Hey, maybe I'll watch TWILIGHT!!!  

It's all good.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nora Ephron must be a Dwarf

Did you guys know that Nora Ephron is only four feet and five inches tall?  Actually I don't know that for sure but I am going to assume she must be comically short because in her book I Feel Bad About My Neck she writes this:

"I go off to college. I weigh 106 pounds.  I come back from college three months later.  I weigh 126 pounds. I was once thin and shapeless.  Now I am fat and, ironically, equally shapeless. Nothing fits except for my wool plaid Pendleton pleated skirt, which makes me look even fatter. It's tragic. My father takes one look at me as I get off the plane and says to my mother, 'Well, maybe someone will marry her for her personality.'"

First of all, in what universe is 126 pounds fat on anyone of average height?  I'm five feet and five inches tall and if I weighed 126 pounds I would look like I'd just gone through chemo during a famine, which leads me to assume that Nora Ephron is dwarf-short. I should explain that this paragraph wasn't part of a bigger chapter about what an asshole her dad was.  Maybe her dad was an asshole.  He probably was but I don't know for sure.  She was telling the story as a hilarious anecdote about how good and cold the milk was in her college cafeteria and how she gained twenty pounds in three months and got "fat."  Okay, I'll admit that it's not good to gain twenty pounds in three months, but to be a "famous" "successful" "woman" and say that the twenty pounds she gained in college was "tragic"?  I can see why we are all so obsessed with the scale.  The stupidest part of the whole story is that she is probably lying about the weights!  She probably started at 126 pounds and got up to a whopping 146 (which, btw, I would LOVE to weigh) but could never allow herself to admit those numbers in writing. Women lie about what the scale says all the time because other women lie about it.  It's stupid, and it's kind of sick but when someone famous like her does it, it is tragic.  Thanks for setting women back a few decades, Nora Ephron!

This is part of the diet cycle that is so frustrating to me.  I'm a feminist.  Our culture is toxic to women.  Pick up a Cosmopolitan magazine and see for yourself.  It's not a magazine for women to be better women, it's a magazine that tells how you can drop unsightly pounds, and wear eyeliner to look hot, and how to please your man in bed.  That's tragic.  Even the milder women's magazines are ridiculous.  Have you seen the plus-sized models?  According to women's magazines the average woman in this country is a fat, disgusting mess.  How dare we take up more than our allotted 120 pounds of space!

But on the other hand, I like to be able to breathe when I tie my shoes.  So I think I need to drop a few pounds.  But then I get into an internal struggle about my motivation for losing weight.  Why am I dropping pounds?  Is it really for health, or is it because I want to look a little more like Sofia Vergara and a little less like Ed O'Neill?

I want to look less like Ed O'Neill
I don't know.  I guess at this point I want to feel good.  I'm never going to look like Sofia Vergara.  I don't even really want to because getting ogled at this point in my life would just make me want to throw up.  I'd like to not wake up with a stomach ache and I'd like to not have the squirts and I'd like to have lots of energy.  All that can be fixed with a good diet.  I suppose if I lose pounds in the process that's just gravy, right?  Make tying the shoes a little easier?

If I ever see Nora Ephron in person I am going to (want to) slap her right across her windsock-like turkey neck.

Attitude Auto-Correct

MUCH better day so far today.  I've eaten more calories than I like to by this point in the afternoon (1:00 p.m.), but every bite has been decent.  Basically, no crap food.  I know there's a debate raging (somewhere) that frozen food can't possibly be healthy or considered "real" food, but I am one of those stubborn people who completely disagrees with that, and after doing my research and freezing my @#$%* _______s off in front of many frozen food cases, I can tell you I know what's available out there that has non-bio-engineered ingredients, true organic ingredients, vegan ingredients, etc. etc,  There are a handful of frozen meals that I couldn't live without, and they're DELICIOUS, and the calories are counted for me, and I know how much protein/carbs/fiber/fat I'm getting etc.  Here are my ULTIMATE faves:

Still my #1 pick, after every frozen meal I've tried.

Only 220 calories - and such a big portion that I'm stuffed for HOURS.

So many interesting textures and flavors here (plantains!), I'm hooked.

I don't have to avoid pizza anymore!  300 calories and I'm satisfied and HAPPY.

So those are a few of the meals I keep on hand, ALL THE TIME.  When I run out, I am in my car, driving to HellMart for more.

My day so far looks like this:

8:00 a.m.  Cup of English breakfast tea with a splash of fat-free half and half and two teaspoons real sugar (unfortunately, a necessity...):  60 calories 

9:15 a.m.  Handful of sweet snap peas out of the bag:  about 25 calories

9:45 a.m.  Lean Cuisine "VeggieCuisine" (meaning MEATLESS, with tofu-based "chicken-like substance...chewy and tasty!) "Enchilada Rojo with Mexican-style rice" frozen meal:  310 calories  (Weird to eat so early in the day, I know, but I'm hungriest in the morning and late evening...)

11:30 a.m.  Banana:  80 calories

12:45 p.m.  "Oikos" (Dannon) Key-Lime flavored Greek Yogurt:  160 calories

1:15 p.m.  More tea:  60 calories

(Total calories so far:  695)

That's where I am so far, and I've almost finished my first 32-oz. jug of ice water and haven't craved a Coke yet today.  Tonight is first dinner out with the hubby in a couple weeks, and we're thinking of trying somewhere other than our two favorite local spots, which are Guadalajara Restaurant in Superior, WI (we got married there!), and India Palace in Duluth, MN.  We might take the risk, we're not sure yet!  Otherwise, we'll stick to what we know we love.  I will do my best to keep it light and healthy!!!

Have a great weekend, girls!


It ain't just about bad food. 

Some places are toxic.  Like convenience stores!  But seriously - some places have bad memories for us so it may trigger bad habits or thoughts.

Some people are toxic.  We all have those "relationships" with others that we really get nothing out of. 

Had a great talk about this stuff with Lisa this morning and she pointed out that even though we know of these toxicities, we still keep going back to them.  Why?  We must be getting something out of it...

So she said it best by saying "I can't change those things or people.  They are what they are.  I can change MY behavior and MY actions."

Some "food for thought".

Smile ladies! 

P.S. have you had your water today?
P.S.S.  I'm on a honey craze right now.  I love it!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Many Carbs, So Little Time

Very tired today.  Slogged down by too many diet-unfriendly foods, not enough exercise, (OK, NO exercise since last week...), and my motivation has flown the coop.  Even with visits here to pump me up, even with the ice water jug to sip, even with a freezer full of my favorite calorie-counted vegan meals and a fridge full of Greek yogurt and yummy fresh produce, I feel like crap.  This is so strange for me.  I know I can't really get my motivation from anyone but myself, but I honestly don't know why my attitude is so sucky this week.

I guess it's a combination of things.  Went to the cabin last weekend, loved it there, but didn't eat well.  Came home, 4 pounds heavier, and had the Monday blahs when I woke up at the start of the week.  Tried to stay in the positive-attitude-groove, but failed.  Ate instead.  Felt like crap as a result, physically and emotionally.  Repeated the above on Tuesday, Wednesday, and today.  So now, what?  I'm supposed to find my "eat great" motivation on a Friday morning?  ROTFL!

OK, I have to snap out of this, ladies.  I know so much of this is emotional - I've had an insane month and I am probably just being hard on myself, but I can't help it.  Have any of you ever been to "couples therapy?"  It's a blast, let me tell you.  Tip:  ALL YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GET OUT OF THERE IS EAT THE WORLD.  And if we're sitting there being analyzed by a shrink, is it too much to ask that I actually SHRINK, rather than expand?  Just sayin.'

So today was bad, food-wise.  Big Apple Bagel-egg sandwich and a 20 oz. COKE (I told you; I fall off that wagon once in awhile...), and it got worse from there (pre-psych jitters).  Afterwards, you're just so glad to be away from the brain-probing that you just want to reward yourself however you can for surviving.  Session #2, COMPLETE!  Now where is my pound of Lifesavers Gummies?!

The psycho-babble is a good thing.  It will help my hubby and me learn how to communicate more effectively.  We're not in critical-mass mode, by any means.  We're just looking for a third-party opinion on some of our most nagging husband-wife issues.  Stuff we can't seem to agree on or compromise on or get past since we met in 2006.  And hey, insurance covers it, so we're going!  Yay.

I truly hope to make tomorrow a great eating day.  I'll stick to my plan as well as I can, and I'll stop in here throughout the day to see what's new.  It helps me.  A LOT!!!

Have a great night, ladies...

P.S.  These meals are FABULOUS!!!  I recommend all of them!  Super One has them, though I'm not sure where else!