Friday, January 14, 2011

Ghost Points... WOOOOOO!

I've been feeling sorry for myself for not losing any weight on my super-hyper-vigilant! resolution diet.  I'm on Weight Watchers so I'm living and breathing PlusPoints and having dreams about pizza.  Specifically Pizza Hut deep dish pepperoni....

Anyway.  I was talking with a fellow WW dieter the other day and she said she isn't counting her sugar-free hard candy at all and she feels a little guilty about it.

Then I asked myself, "Do I just not count anything?"  The answer is yes.

Butter and mayonnaise.

That's kind of a big thing to just gloss over, isn't it?  Darn.  If I don't lose any poundage this week, I'll have to start counting it.

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  1. I am so sympathetic to the butter and mayonnaise dilemma. I had to sever my literal LOVE AFFAIR with butter back in 1997, the PREVIOUS time I dropped the 40 pounds. I have loved butter all my life. I was not opposed to shaving off a teaspoon-sized slice every time I took a new stick out of the fridge to put on the butter dish. Mmmmm, cold, creamy, salty butter. I had it bad.

    I'll never forget what broke me of the habit, because I think of it every time I grab for my butter "replacement," which is "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray." I NEVER thought I'd ever eat this stuff. But one Christmas, I was down visiting my cousin Gena before she moved to Chicago, and she had just lost some weight and told me it was partly due to giving up butter and switching to this spray. I tried it, not immediately but eventually, and though it did take some getting used to - kind of like swapping diet pop for real - it has TOTALLY stuck with me. It's soy-based, has zero calories, DOES taste butter-y, and I put it on EVERYTHING I would normally use real butter on. Toast, dinner rolls, steamed veggies (especially good, and SO many calories saved...!), banana bread (when I splurge on that...), etc. I can highly recommend it from one weight-loser to another... It is totally worth the end results, and you'd use it for life - I promise I'm not blowing smoke here! You can ask my sis; she's used to seeing our bottle of fake butter on the dinner table. Except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. ROTFL.

    P.S. All you have to do to kick yourself of eating mayo is two things: First, put a blob of mayo on a paper plate and leave it on the counter for two days. Trust me. Just do it. After two days, the paper plate will be drenched with greasy fat, and the mayo blob will be CLEAR. Clear fat, as in, that's a little blob that would otherwise be residing somewhere in your body. The second thing is, in place of mayo, learn to love MUSTARD! It does the same thing, it holds our sandwich together, but it has more flavor(you can get so many different ones!), and it has ZERO calories!

    Problem solved! Without spray butter and mustard, I'd have AT LEAST 80 pounds to lose instead of 40. This is the gospel truth, ladies.