Sunday, January 23, 2011

Howdy! It's Dana here...

Hi Ladies!

Wow, some of you are having great success! I'm thinking I might have to try that 17-day thing...I can do anything for 17 days right??

I've had a pretty crappy 2 weeks. Prior to that, I had a good 2 weeks, so I'm pretty bummed. First, my Zumba/swim partner went to the Caribbean, so I skipped all the workouts because I didn't want to go alone... LAME. Then, I have had 3 MAJOR events, all of which involved piles and piles of great food: a jewelry party at my house, a retirement party for my parents, and today a birthday party for my brother-in-law. Did I mention there were piles and piles of food? Not healthy food. So I honestly think I gained 10 pounds this week alone. I AM NOT even going to step on the scale. My pants are tight. I know what that means.

New goals: I'm going to workout 4 times this week whether or not the Friend goes too. I'm going to eat good food (oh crap, wait, there are some leftovers to finish), and I'll report back here in a week.



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  1. I feel your (waistline) pain, sister.

    I did all of my bumming last week, because I knew what the past 4 days was going to be like - one gigantic, carb-laced, food fiesta. It was fabulous. It was decadent. It was excessive. But now it's done, and that's that, and we can both get back on track.

    I'm with you on the leftovers. I can't throw out great food, especially when we spent a fortune in time & money preparing it all. I can't do it. So we'll eat it all up,and enjoy it, and try to do it in smallish increments so it doesn't feel like non-stop indulgence. :oP

    I think you and I should be each others' support-systems. Mom, too - it makes sense, right? I don't swim - so I can't go swim with you. But we are both trying to do the same thing here. How could we motivate and encourage each other? There has to be a way. I was thinking, what about one day a week, either a weekday evening or week-end eve., we could meet up at my place and do a treadmill-elliptical movie??? Lauren or Lauren & Serra could hang upstairs with Paige, and you and I could swap the machines and blast True Blood or whatever else. We could get an hour in each - wouldn't this be a blast? We could make it a bonafide priority, and make it non-negotiable. "OUR time!" And the best part is, we'd get one really goof workout in every week that way, which would get us even more motivated for the rest of our week.

    Even if we said we were just going to do this for a couple of months, until swimsuit season hits, it would at least do us some good! And of course, we'd outlaw junk food and pop - during workout time, at least.

    Come on, Eric, Eggs, and Bill! (I kinda feel like leaving work to go home and work out right now.) :o)