Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week Two Results

Hi!  Sarah here.  Today is weigh-day, week 2.  I lost weight!  I lost 1.5 pounds, which when I saw it was kind of a "big whoop" moment, but that's six sticks of butter!  I lost six sticks of butter! I went to Kira's hockey game this morning and there were BOXES of donuts.  It was hard to keep myself from going ballistic and either eating ten of them myself, or flipping the table over so nobody could have any.  

I just read Anne's last post about what actresses do to get ready for roles.  If being thin was my JOB, and there were other people invested in how well I do my job, I could do it.  You're right Anne, from now on when I hear Valerie Bertinelli say, "If I can do it, so can you!"  I'm going to mentally punch her in the stomach, and if I ever see her in real life I'm going to actually punch her in the stomach.

Yeah, you better run
Oprah can't even keep her weight off and there is nobody with more support than her.  One of my biggest problems with losing weight is figuring out what to cook for the family.  I suppose I could make what I usually make and just eat less of it myself, but come on, like that's really going to happen.

I've been working out pretty faithfully and it's getting easier, but I don't like it.  I moved up from the half-hour workout to the 45 minute work-out and it's not any harder, but that extra 15 minutes seems soooooooo looooooonnnnnggggggg.  The next step up is an hour-long workout.  I might split that into two and do half one day, and half the next.  I'm pretty solid for a half hour, but after that I get incredibly bored and sick of it and just want it to be over.

On to week three!  I want to lose 8 pounds this week.  Ha ha.  Just kidding.  But two isn't asking too much is it?  IS IT???


  1. Way to go Sarah! That's great!

    You know what's kinda gross? I used to work in the deli, and of course the big seller was shaved turkey breast. Well, think of what a pound and a half of shaved deli turkey looks like and that's the weight you lost!

    I'm weird, I know. But I need a visual.

    Have you called Jenny (Craig) yet? No, but when I do I'm going to tell her to suck it!

  2. Fantastic, Sarah! Well done, you!

    I have enormous respect and envy for you. I did pretty-ok Monday through Friday, but then last night I ended the day at my goal - 1200 calories at 7:00 p.m. - and then at 11:30 p.m., I inhaled 3 pieces of cheese pizza (DAMNIT!) AND a 220-calorie energy bar for "dessert!" WTF?! I spent the ENTIRE day counting and waiting for my Slim Fast shakes and trying to convince myself that my stomach didn't hurt "THAT badly..." and then I just nose-dived right off that wagon and almost cried myself to sleep. I felt like a huge, disgusting blob last night. I still do.

    Today sucked; I drank one Slim Fast but I followed it immediately with more food. I drank a couple diet pops, one real one, and one Mike's Classic margarita with LUNCH. I melted real butter and poured it all over my diet microwave popcorn tonight out of SPITE. I just finished a bowl of white, nutrition-less, instant rice slathered in spray butter - at almost 10:00 p.m.

    Tomorrow, I'll be back to the grind. I know I have to be. But today, I was angry-eating. I can't imagine getting on the scale tomorrow for my weekly Monday morning weigh-in and finding I weigh less than last Monday (which was 164.5), but tomorrow will tell. You have inspired me, though! Six sticks of butter is better than two. Or zero! You're doing the exercise and that's a missing piece for me... must start it this week. Good luck this coming week! Thank you much for letting us all rant on your blog - it helps having others to struggle with. A lot.