Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Like Donkey Kong, Ladies!!!

Howdy, Kristin here.    :o)

So I'm finally fed-up with the restrictiveness of dieting in general.  
This is why I'm failing at it.  This is why I can't stick to it.  
This is why I'm ready to chew my own arm off with hunger and only stop myself because I have no BBQ sauce handy.

I have realized a few things in the past week that I'd like to share with the "class."

First of all, dieting is NOT the same in our 40's as it was in our 30's - OR our 20's.  Plain and simple.  It's completely, totally, utterly different.  
I suspect that my older, soggy, decrepit metabolism is to blame, but what goes hand-in-hand with that is that the urgency and necessity to lose pounds I felt in my early 30's is gone.  I don't feel like my life will be worse if I don't lose 40 pounds; I feel like I'll just be fatter, but life would go on otherwise.

How do I find the motivation to lose the weight, then?  If my desire to lose the weight is wishy-washy at best, then I have to find something else; some other reason to do it.

Do I do it for my husband?  Do I tell myself that because I'm 40 pounds heavier than I was when he married me 3 1/2 years ago, I should want to lose the weight for him, so that he'll be attracted to me and proud to be seen in public with me?

Do I do it for my health?  Do I figure out a way to convince myself that if I don't lose these extra pounds, then I'm that much more unhealthy, and being unhealthy is BAD?

Do I do it for my kids?  Do I tell myself that because of my extra weight, I have less energy to spend doing things with my kids, and therefore, I'm a less-fun Mommy?

Do I do it for vanity?  Do I plaster my bathroom mirror and refrigerator with cutout magazine pictures of skinny people and Biggest Loser transformations, to try and inspire me to just get off my lazy ass and DO IT?

Do I do it for personal satisfaction?  Do I find some way, somehow, to convince myself that I would be personally happier and more satified with life in general if I weighed what I feel I should weigh?

Or do I take all of the above reasons and combine them into one giant reason?  Motivate myself by reminding myself that I'm doing it for ALL of these reasons, not just one of them, and that any of them alone should be reason enough to "just do it," but all of them lumped together add up to me having ZERO EXCUSE to not give it my very best, 110% effort, every day, every week?!


I'm just so tired of thinking about food all the time.  I had a little rant / meltdown last night spewing on and on about how tired I am of it.  (Here's the whole thing, at:  http://otherblatantlies.blogspot.com/)

I feel like I have too many factors that are beyond my control, all fighting to contribute to my ultimate dieting failure every week.  I start each week with the very best of intentions.  By mid-week, my intentions may still be there but my willpower and control are all shot to hell and I'm going through the McDonald's drive-thru in the morning for a bacon-egg & cheese biscuit.  (With a large Dr. Pepper, naturally.)

I am going to spend the next day or two tweaking and re-vamping my eating plan / dieting goals / lifestyle changes / or whatever the hell buzz-word you want to plug in there.  It's all the same thing.  It all adds up to "finding that magic formula that's going to WORK for ME." 

I have not found it yet, but as of 12:37 p.m. today... I still want to.



  1. Maybe it would be easier if you set up your cycle for a day instead of for a week. It's hard to maintain anything for a week, but maybe see each day as a clean slate. That helps me. I don't really have much motivation to diet anymore. I wish my pants would fit better, and I wish my face wasn't so fat, but other than that, it's hard to stay focused. Losing 5 pounds in a week would help me stay motivated. You know what is depressing? The shockingly small amount of food a forty something year old woman needs on a daily basis.

  2. You go Kristin! I think you read my mind when you wrote this post. I think you're right in finding what works for YOU. What makes YOU happy. HAPPY! And don't completely beat yourself up over the mid week egg mcmuffin. It shouldn't be about torture. Try just taking it a pound at a time. 40 lbs is a lofty goal for anyone! Maybe 10 lbs (still a hard goal!) would be all you really need. And you know what else? It seems to help me when I get mad and vent my frustrations so go ahead and yell it out sista!

  3. Yes Sarah, that's something I have seriously considered. I think it's actually the best thing for me - to look at each day as a beginning, middle, and end of that day's "diet." And all that means is, it's the "total lifestyle change" that we're all striving for, right? To eat healthier, to exercise more, to make better food choices consistently, rather than looking at it as a "diet" with a beginning and eventual end. It should never end, right? We should eat the right number of calories and the right foods and we should exercise every week, right? SO that's what I'm figuring out. How to "re-program" my brain to just QUIT looking at all of this as a "DIET." The dreaded "D word" places an instant negative connotation on the whole experience. I should be having FUN with this! I should be psyched up, focusing on each little milestone and success, and instead I'm totally bogged down by every instance of cheating or every pound NOT yet lost. Time to find a new direction...

    I need to get HAPPY, as Anne pointed out. And I'm not. Happy, that is. The only thing that makes me happy related to food right now is a huge bowl of air-popped popcorn drizzled with real butter and at least 3 cold cans of Coke beside it.

    I'm working on a better plan tonight and the rest of this week. It'll probably take me a few days, as I have zero free time. But I have a lot of good ideas. Different ways to motivate myself. Different tactics to trick myself into thinking I'm HAVING FUN WITH THIS THING! LOL

    Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I've been pretty low about the diet the past few days. I feel like a slug and I KNOW I look like one.


  4. i think i actually disappointed one of the fitness coaches at my gym last night when i told her, "you know, it took me five years to put on this weight, i'm okay with it taking a while to come off." because really, dieting is so lame, so uncomfortable, and so weird. on a daily basis i am making small changes, and writing them down so that even if i don't lose any weight one week, i can see that i ate way more veggies than i normally, or i went to gym a few days, and feel good about those things. i hate to say "lifestyle change" because OMG that sounds like oprah, but honestly? that's what it is. small changes led us to be unhappy with our bodies, small changes can bring us back to being comfortable in our own skin.

  5. Had to change the "Bit**es" to "Ladies." That was just the Dieting Rage talking earlier. ROTFL.

  6. Amanda, You are so right when you say that it took five years to put on this weight, so it's okay if it takes a while to come off! I think when we start dieting we WANT IT OFF! but it took a while to pack on, so it should naturally take a while to come off. I feel better now that I'm eating reasonably. I taught kindergarten yesterday and could squat down on my haunches for several minutes at a time without wanting to pass out. That's progress.