Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ready for Cycle 2!!

Good morning everyone!!  So I have been doing the 17 day diet for 16 days now and lost a total of 14lbs!!!  I have to admit last week when I weighed myself I was up 1 lb and totally bumming about it but figured it was due to a lot of sodium intake.  I had a lot of canned veggies last week and didn't realize how much sodium is in the whole can!!  So trying to eat only fresh veggies or frozen.  The next step for this diet is entering lean meat and different kinds of veggies every other day.  So bring on cycle 2!!!  Good luck to everyone getting healthy in 2011!!

I agree with Anne....thanks Sarah for this awesome blog!!

Susie Frank


  1. WAY TO GO!!! I'm going to re-read your description of the 17-day plan. Is there a long description at some website online? CONGRATS on your 14 pounds gone! (Or as Sarah might say, "That's 56 sticks of BUTTER!" LOL

    P.S. Hey, Chunkersons: Check out this Yahoo story about 8 bloggers who have had amazing weight transformations! Pretty inspiring!!!

    Happy dieting, weight-losers! :o)

  2. http://health.yahoo.net/articles/weight-loss/8-amazing-blogger-weight-loss-transformations

  3. Awesome Susie! Congratulations! Did you think it was very hard to stick to the program?

  4. I am so proud of you Susie. Congrats and keep up the good work.