Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution Revision

You know... I think I might have been a bit hasty when I made my snap resolution of working out 350 times this year.  That only leaves me with 14 days of not working out, and it's January 7th and I've already used two of my not-working-out days.  I made that resolution when I wasn't working out regularly and I forgot how hard it is.  And I also forgot how annoying Jillian Michaels is.  I did her "Shred" workout tonight and Sweet Jesus, she bugs me.  She's so strange.  I bet she is very driven and annoying and humorless in her real life and I bet she only has about 2 real friends because she's so weird.  And those people are only friends with her because they are her parents.

So anyway, I am revising my resolution.  I will work out 300 times this year.  Not 350.  300.

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  1. I LOVE the 30-day shred. I bought it a year ago. I have not done it much, but have a friend who does it every day and has lost all the pounds she wants to lose. And she's FIFTY!!! I'm adding this back into my weekly thing. At least ONCE a week with Jilly. Yes, she's weird. But is she doing something right??!!