Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting in on it.... I'm a blogging idiot and accidentally created a separate blog before figuring out how to delete THAT blog and just add a post to THIS one.  Geez.  TECHNICAL!!  Amy here....Sarah's sister.  I too have joined Weight Watchers online along with my sis.  I had a little better luck this week and lost 4.5 lbs.  Sarah, I think we are all going to have 0 lb weight loss weeks....unfortunately yours came week one!!  You'll have a big week this coming week.  I also think I lost weight because ANYTHING would be better than the way I WAS eating....especially during the holidays.  I had so much chex mix, chips, Top the Tater, etc. that 4 of the 4.5 lbs was probably just water weight I lost from not eating the things the are absolutely the worst for me.  The other .5 lbs was definitely clothes because I did the same thing as Sarah and weighed myself JUST before midnight on New Year's Eve, all bundled up and this past Friday morning, I was buck neked.  I'll take it though!!  I like is easy to track the food and I'm a little bit OCD so I like ticking off the little blocks for drinking water, eating fruits and veggies and dairy and taking a vitamin.  So I'm now down to 186.5....hopefully headed for 145.  I would REALLY like to lose a good 20-25 lbs by the end of April because I stupidly signed up for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville on April 30th and think running 26 miles with 25 less lbs on this big bod would probably make it a tad easier.  So I gotta stay motivated!!  Keep the posts's fun to read about everyone else's mean PROGRESS!!  :)

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