Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey everyone, Anne here.  One of the hardest things for me to overcome while watching what I eat is my insatiable sweet tooth.   In the evening it seems to be especially strong and that's my weakest time of the day...  not good.

So as I was shopping for more fresh fruits and veggies, I also picked up a tub of that yummy Yoplait creamy vanilla yogurt.  It has to be better for me than ice cream, and it does taste good!  On the side of the container, they had all sorts of suggestions for what to eat this lovely creamy vanilla yogurt with.  There was a recipe that caught my attention so I tried it and thought I'd share it with you all.

Combine the yummy Yoplait creamy vanilla yogurt with a pkg of vanilla pudding mix (dry).  Fold in some light or fat free cool whip, and add strawberries (or whatever fresh fruit appeals to you.)

I just made a half recipe, and there is plenty left for us tomorrow too.    It's really good!   Fresh fruit; good for you.  Yogurt; good for you.  A little extra fluff to make it tolerable...still has to be better for you than a visit to Culvers for frozen custard with all the fixins.

I rocked out 40 minutes of interval training on the treadmill today.  That was awesome.  How is everyone else doing?

I'm so glad that there is this community blog.  Thanks Sarah! 

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  1. That sounds delish! I have been eating yogurt for years and love new ideas. I have a new yogurt fetish, so I'll throw it on the idea pile: I am now addicted to Greek yogurt, which is supposed to have extra protein in it, which my diet is lacking in. I have been eating the mini "Oikos"-brand flavors; my favorite is caramel...YUM! Only 110 calories per cup. And then, I throw in about 1/8 cup of Grape Nuts for texture and crunchiness... OMG, I feel like I'm at Cold Stone when I eat one of those!

    Evenings are THE WORST. I failed both Saturday & Sunday, miserably, heinously, EPICALLY. Midnight pizza and movie candy. Buttered popcorn. Pop. Disgusting. I started today at exactly the same weight I was last Monday morning. I know; I should be happy I was higher. But all I can think is "one week of starving myself wasted!" LOL