Friday, January 14, 2011

This is so crazy!

Hello everyone!  Anne here...I promised in my first post to be more positive this time and here goes.

I'm positive that I haven't lost any weight (ha cha cha)  but I'm also pretty sure that I haven't gained any either..  But really I have had a great reason for not really watching my diet and doing the 30 Minute Shred with Jillian for the last two weeks.   Let's just say that for "health reasons" I've been busy flipping my house upside down and cleaning everything like a mad woman.  I think that should kinda count as exercise.   If Sarah can count rock climbing...    My husband is so supportive.  He suggests that we have sex every night as that burns calories.  What a guy; always has MY best interest at heart. 

As I'm reading every one's posts, it just blows my mind how similar we all are.  We all have this 40 something fatty fat that is just refusing to budge.  Kristin, my horror hours are from 8:00 pm to whenever I pass out in bed, too .  Sometimes I lay there and the hunger pangs are so unbelievably strong that I cannot sleep.  Have you ever noticed that the commercials on TV at night are ALL food commercials?  And it's all the bad bad bad food.  Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Joe's Crab Shack, McD's..... sabotaging bastards.  I think that the FCC should ban all food commercials after 7:00 p.m.    

And we work and work and work, only to find that we GAINED a pound.  What??

We can't give up, though.  Keep fighting the good fight!  Now that things in our household appear to be under control, I'll be joining forces with you all! 

Peace out!

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