Saturday, January 22, 2011

it's too soon for a plateau!

this week i worked out more than ever, was good about eating more veggies and being reasonable, and found out i didn't lose any weight this week.  the good news, i guess, is that i also didn't gain any weight.  i'm having a pretty "cheaty" day today; went out with my boyfriend and stepdaughter and had some delicious french onion soup (with a salad!) and my mother brought over donuts this morning for my niece's birthday.  donuts!  delicious, sugary, fried donuts.  i might have eaten two.  oops!  they were seriously good, though, and it's not every day your niece turns five. 

i did work out a lot this week (three times is a lot for me), and my time on the treadmills and ellipticals is getting longer and longer every time.  i don't think i've ever gone to the gym so much.  i expect at some point it will feel like a normal part of my day, and not so noteworthy, but until then i'm going to enjoy feeling like a rockstar for going, especially when i don't really want to.  little things like that keep me going.  :-)     


  1. My mouth is watering from just reading the word donuts. Bummer that you didn't lose anything, but hey, you're right, you didn't gain either! That's always a bonus. Tomorrow is my weigh day.

  2. The toughest thing for me is when I stick to a diet for days and days and don't lose. It's heart-breaking. I used to weigh myself every single morning, stark naked (even when it's -29 F outside, AAAGGGHHH!)and I don't do this anymore. There are too many factors that affect the numbers on the scale from day to day. Digestion doesn't always happen at the same rate, for one thing. Half the time at 6:00 a.m., I KNOW I am still digesting stuff I ate for dinner the night before. I don't want that dinner on my scale readout.

    I now only weigh myself once a week, every Monday morning before I have anything to eat or drink, and I'm MUCH less affected or depressed when I see the number. It's almost always exactly what I think it will be, when I take everything from the previous week into account, including whether I exercised or whether I cheated a bunch.

    Well done on your maintaining for the week! This is very nearly as much a victory as losing a pound or two. You're doing all the right things... It's impossible for you to not eventually lose if you're eating well and exercising some.

  3. Don't always go by what the scale says. Do you notice that your clothes fit better? And that you just feel a little better. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat!

    Good for you!