Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still here!

Yep.  Still here!  I check The Chunkersons all the time.  It helps to toil away with others, yes?  It does me, anyway.  I've been a slug since the end of April.  I have ignored my own blog for three months.  Nada.  I've lost and gained and re-lost and re-gained the same six pounds at least a dozen times in those three months.  I have told myself over and over that "I'm just too busy to stick to a diet/exercise regimen in the summer.  That's how it feels to me.  I've been consciously trying so hard to get outside... to take advantage of any half-way decent weather day by putting the toddler in her stroller and at the very least going for a WALK, rather than lying on the floor soaking up the air conditioning.

In three months, this "effort" has only amounted to TWO outside walks - one on the Munger Trail with my sister (we vowed we'd go several times each week after that success; we haven't attempted it since...)  The second was on a frontage road by our house, in 90+-degree heat and sweltering humidity, and I was up a pound the next day.  I was sure I sweated at least 10 pounds of salty goo after that one.

I know I've wasted three months.  I so wanted to hit my goal weight BEFORE summer got under way - and when that didn't happen, right around May 1st I lost my motivation - FAST.  It resulted in the past 90 days (OMG, NINETY DAYS?!) of extreme passive flaccidity.  I hate myself for it.

Tomorrow is August 1st.  It's also a Monday.  It also marks an entire month remaining in the summer.  I keep thinking...

When I was on-task, on-target, and on-track...I lost my first 21 pounds fairly quickly.  All I really need to do is not waste the next 30 days.  I may not have perfect days every day in August, but I sure as hell can figure out a way to not blow a whole week just because I feel guily for one bad day here and there.  

I need to do this.  It's necessary for my mental health.  It's also necessary for my physical health.  I will close up my (own) bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips now and resist the urge to nuke my (own) cheesy-goodness hot dogs for lunch.  I will pour a bowl of Grape Nuts and wash them down with water.  Yum yum yum.  

I will keep reading - Sarah, if you keep posting - I'd love to hear how your next 30 days goes for you!  

Okay everyone.  I'm back and I've been humbled and I'm sorry for my cranky last post.  It's time to get things back under control so after two months of eating like a third grader, I'm ready to get back to eating reasonable and healthy.  The good news:  I only gained three pounds during my hiatus from health.  The bad news:  I'm still not sick of hot dogs.  (did you know they make hot dogs with cheese RIGHT IN THEM?)  And I just discovered salt and vinegar kettle chips.  OMG.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting back to eating for one normal adult person, I am however, dreading getting back into the exercise routine because it doesn't take much for the muscles to atrophy enough to make even the simplest workout cause extreme stiffness the next day.  I HATE that.

I'm ready. I think.

Is anyone else still reading this blog?  How are you doing?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Can't do it

Reboot, you say?  How, exactly, does a person do that in the summer when every day is a fucking celebration?  I don't know.  I really don't know.  I'm on my second gin and .... well, I was going to say tonic, but I was too lazy to make it with tonic and lime so I just used ginger ale.  BUT IT WAS DIET GINGER ALE!  I've been eating like a pig every day.  Surprisingly I've only gained 1 pound, which simultaneously makes me thrilled and pisses me off.  There were soooooooooooooo many weeks when I was PERFECT and didn't lose any weight and now I eat like a hog for weeks and only gain one pound???  Come on!!!  I can't make myself do this in the summer.  It's too hot to exercise.  There are ice cream bars in the freezer.  HOT DOGS, PEOPLE!  GRILLED HOT DOGS!  I put my swimming suit on the other day and it looks like it was a padded parka.  Oh well, who the fuck cares, really.  There was a girl at the beach about 20 pounds heavier than me and she was wearing a bikini.  A BIKINI.  She was a teenager and she was with another teenage boy and a skinny skinny teenage girl.  The boy could not stop being totally obnoxious to the skinny girl.  He would splash her, and then grab her and pick her up and drag her to deeper water while she playful protested, then they went up to what I can only imagine is their van in the parking lot to do it and left the chubby bikini wearer alone in peace for a while.  I would SO MUCH rather be chubby and left alone, than be the skinny girl and be splashed and dragged around and then brought up to a van to be pawed.  PASS THE CHEETOS!  But when I eat such bad food I get food hangovers.  Really, old-age?  REally????  I will have a bad hangover tomorrow.  I'm just guessing.  I need another sandwich to soak up some of this gin.