Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Rock Climbing a "Work Out?"

Hi!  Sarah here.  This is day one of my hyper-vigilant Weight-Watchers diet.  I'm doing okay so far, but I realized that I really cheated last time I dieted because I just guessed the points of some (most) of the foods I ate and I was usually underestimating.  But now with the Pointstracker program on the website I can't really cheat.  Thankfully I'm working every day this week so it will easier to stick to the diet than if I was at home constantly taking mental inventory of everything I could be eating.

I worked out again last night and I am really sore today.  Not the worst I've ever been, but when I was going around the room picking up pencils on the floor at the end of the day I would wince every time I bent over.  Oh, my poor hammies!  And quads, and triceps and biceps and whatever you call the muscle in your forearms.  My forearms are KILLING me from hanging on the rock walls while rock climbing with Kira yesterday.  I was debating whether I should count the rock climbing as a workout, but I don't think climbing half way up a wall every 15 minutes for an hour and a half counts as a workout.  I spent most of that time just clinging to the wall trying not to slip off, hence the sore forearms.  I have to admit, despite the annoying soreness, I feel better for exercising already.  It's so stupid that I ever stop exercising because it makes me feel so much better!

Whoa, mama...

I put my fattest pants on this morning and I had to wear a belt not because they are so loose, but because they are more tight in the thighs than they are in the waist (and they are also tight in the waist) and my big triangle-shaped thighs pull them down, so I have to wear a belt to keep them up.  Oh well.  I did it to myself.  I'll get it back under control, right?



  1. i feel like rock climbing can be considered a work out. it's just quiet about it. i've done it once or twice. first the forearms start to squawk about it, then i would notice if i coughed my abs felt a little sore too, and then finally my legs were like "um, hey! we felt that too!" but maybe that was just me because i'm so out of shape!!!!
    so- the difficulty of the climb, and the shape of the climber i think play big factor in how much of a workout you get.
    the end :)

  2. Yeah, I am counting it. I only got about half way up most of the walls because I was so scared, and because my forearms were screaming but still, when a girl sets a goal of working out 350 times a year, she better count every single thing.

  3. YES, it counts... Just like grocery shopping counts (How many MILES have I walked through the aisles of HellMart?!) and cooking dinner counts (my cast-iron skillet weighs more than my 3-pound free weights, HELL-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)