Friday, January 7, 2011

and the biggest loser is...

who knows.  i don't actually watch that show.  but, they're doing a "biggest loser" event at the hospital where i work, and i signed up.  not just for the 12 week challenge, but for the year long one as well.  it was one of my resolutions to get healthier and lose some weight this year, and then this came along, and i couldn't in good conscience not sign up.  

the last time i did one of these competitions at work, we all got a food diary and got points for filling it out.  i'd always thought of a food journal as being the dorkiest thing on earth.  it made me uncomfortable to think of writing every little thing down; it seemed weirdly compulsive, and i didn't want to get all bogged down in the "numbers" of losing weight.  at the same time, the first week i used it i lost 7 pounds.  writing everything down reminded me to eat more vegetables, showed me in detail how beverage calories add up (i'm talking about you, beer), and encouraged me to take an honest look at what i eat and when.  this doesn't mean i don't occasionally indulge, but it helps me keep track of when i do.   

so as much as i don't want to be a weird, dieting woman, constantly counting calories, i would like to be leaner, healthier, and not have to buy a fat girl wedding dress in a few months.  i'm glad sarah started this blog; saying this out loud does usually helps keep me honest.  hooray for the chunkersons!   


  1. I don't actually watch The Biggest Loser either. I can't take too much of Jillian. She's so melodramatic. When I've watched it in the past, I only watch the first few weeks when the contestants can hardly walk up a flight of steps. By the time they start edging toward my weight, and could run circles around me, I stop watching it. I don't need to see that.

  2. i can't watch that show at all; jillian is always barking at the contestants, and i think she might have been born with a Y chromosome, because she totally has man hands! SRSLY.

    i think they do these things at work to get the folks on the couch up and at 'em. every year this challenge gets a lot of contestants, and if your team wins you get cash $$$$. that's not too shabby an incentive...