Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1: Already a Bust.

I HATE Pop Tarts.  Really, really HATE them.  They sit there in their little vending machines, looking all innocent and delicious.  I had an oil change this morning.  I made the mistake of leaving the house with an empty stomach, forgetting that the service place has this chock-stocked vending machine and a pop machine next to it that actually has Dr. Pepper.  (Dr. Pepper?!  I can NEVER find a Dr. Pepper in a machine when I want to.)

So I had a twin-pack of frosted fruity Pop Tarts (410 calories) and a can of Dr. Pepper (150 cals.) for "breakfast" at 9:45.  Naturally, by the time I got to work at 11:00, I was STARVING because of my @#$%* insulin-response being spiked by the @#$%* Pop Tarts.  So I nuked my Lean Cuisine Mushroom Pizza (fabulous little things at only 300 calories!) two hours before I was gonna eat it for lunch.  An hour later, my Greek yogurt (120 cals.) is also gone.  Dammit.

Tonight is looming.  Harry Potter with the teenager at 6:30.  I wonder if I can go the rest of the day without consuming anything...and then eat an apple and drink a bottle of water at the movie???  ROTFLMFAO.

Looks like I'd better figure out a way to get on the elliptical at 11:00 tonight...

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