Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still here!

Yep.  Still here!  I check The Chunkersons all the time.  It helps to toil away with others, yes?  It does me, anyway.  I've been a slug since the end of April.  I have ignored my own blog for three months.  Nada.  I've lost and gained and re-lost and re-gained the same six pounds at least a dozen times in those three months.  I have told myself over and over that "I'm just too busy to stick to a diet/exercise regimen in the summer.  That's how it feels to me.  I've been consciously trying so hard to get outside... to take advantage of any half-way decent weather day by putting the toddler in her stroller and at the very least going for a WALK, rather than lying on the floor soaking up the air conditioning.

In three months, this "effort" has only amounted to TWO outside walks - one on the Munger Trail with my sister (we vowed we'd go several times each week after that success; we haven't attempted it since...)  The second was on a frontage road by our house, in 90+-degree heat and sweltering humidity, and I was up a pound the next day.  I was sure I sweated at least 10 pounds of salty goo after that one.

I know I've wasted three months.  I so wanted to hit my goal weight BEFORE summer got under way - and when that didn't happen, right around May 1st I lost my motivation - FAST.  It resulted in the past 90 days (OMG, NINETY DAYS?!) of extreme passive flaccidity.  I hate myself for it.

Tomorrow is August 1st.  It's also a Monday.  It also marks an entire month remaining in the summer.  I keep thinking...

When I was on-task, on-target, and on-track...I lost my first 21 pounds fairly quickly.  All I really need to do is not waste the next 30 days.  I may not have perfect days every day in August, but I sure as hell can figure out a way to not blow a whole week just because I feel guily for one bad day here and there.  

I need to do this.  It's necessary for my mental health.  It's also necessary for my physical health.  I will close up my (own) bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips now and resist the urge to nuke my (own) cheesy-goodness hot dogs for lunch.  I will pour a bowl of Grape Nuts and wash them down with water.  Yum yum yum.  

I will keep reading - Sarah, if you keep posting - I'd love to hear how your next 30 days goes for you!  

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