Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello ladies!

Anne's back and I'm going to kick some ass.

Whoa.... I have been such a slacker when it comes to watching my weight.  I haven't been paying any attention at all to my diet this summer.  (and even before than, OK - there, I admitted to it!)  I thought I was doing OK, though.  I didn't think I looked that horrible.

Then I saw a picture of myself from the backside. 

Okay!!  Time to take charge.  Way back when, you know when Sarah got us started on this adventure together, I researched my diet options and decided that I didn't need to pay money to someone else for me to lose weight.  That CLEARLY doesn't work as I can't be trusted.  So, I went back to all my information that I had collected and decided to go with Physician's Weight Loss Centers.

I know, sounds like a crack pot.  But, this place is the best option for me.  It's a husband and wife team who practice what they preach.  He's a chiropractor and she's a nutrition freak.  The thing is, I KNOW what I need to do.  I know I can't drink 3 cans of Mtn. Dew a day.  I know I need more protein and less carbs.  I just need someone to hold my hand, show me a meal plan of exactly what I can eat today and when to eat it and then call me out on it if I don't follow the rules. 

Lisa, my "consultant" is awesome.  She's great about sending text messages throughout the day reminding me and the other losers to have our snack, or what's for dinner, or "here's a picture of what I made for lunch".   I need that angel/devil on my shoulder.

This diet is less of a trendy diet, but more about a life style change.  More proteins, no bad carbs only moderate levels of good carbs and starches...  and water.  Lots of water.  ugh.

No more soda for me, but I can have coffee!  That is helping me with my caffeine addiction.  And I have been keeping a 64 fluid oz pitcher of water in the fridge...  I know I have to drink that everyday, and it's easier to track just how much I've had this way rather than counting glasses. 

Lisa is not a huge pusher when it comes to the supplements, either.  I'm a little leary of taking any "special vitamins" or magic pills...  I really believe she has my best interest in mind, and not just her bottom dollar.   They are really into teaching about how to eat for life...  well, this is 40 years of not the greatest eating habits to undo so I'm taking it seriously. 

And I'm actually excited to do it!  I've done weight watchers, with some success, but I was always starving.  All I could think about was food and "how many points is that??"  With this plan, so far I haven't been left feeling hungry (probably all the increased protein), and I don't have to worry about counting calories as long as I follow the plan and the portions that I'm allowed.    And no blood sugar roller coaster.  Yay! 

Brian is supportive, and I've already told him that I'm making dinner for myself.  If he wants to eat it, great.  If not - he has to take care of himself.  This is the one thing that I get to do for myself...  I can't take care of everyone else all of the stinkin' time.

I'm not checking the scale at home everyday.  I will get weighed again in the next week or two at the center and hopefully I'll have some pretty positive results to share with you. 

To be continued....

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  1. Sounds AWESOME!!! KUDOS on your renewed excitement. I've done the same thing you did; namely, I've sucked at the eating thing all summer. I do really well for a day or two, then I lose it and I GAIN it all back. I've lost and re-gained the same 5 pounds over and over and OVER between April 25th and today.

    My life is completely governed by what I not-so-affectionately refer to as "food events." I ALWAYS have a reason or an excuse to "celebrate" with food. A treat. A meal out in a restaurant. Ice cream sundaes. Movie food. Family get-together. Can of pop from my Mom's fridge. Bagels because the teenager is in the car with me. Popcorn because baby likes it.

    Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    I like the idea that I deserve to take care of myself, rather than taking care of everyone else (as well as everyone else's meal plans and preparations.) Ah, but how to accomplish this? I have only this eek really started to get serious again, although I've wanted to do it all summer. I'm doing a very similar thing you're doing, too - more protein. Whole grains. Lots of water (YUCK) and weaning off the pop - especially the diet pop! (Equals far fewer head-aches for me! Whee!) Lots of fresh produce, and healthy carbs versus white-flour, UNhealthy ones. Raw almonds for snacks, instead of Doritos. Greek yogurt, instead of ice cream. RyKrisp with Laughing Cow fat-free cheese, instead of pizza. Green and white tea, instead of sangria. (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

    It's all a conscious life-style change, exactly! If only I could do this every minute of my life, forever, I'd weigh 120 pounds until I'm 99 and I'd be SO satisfied with my effort and my progress!!! LOL!!!

    Baby steps...happy to see you back! I'll stick to it, too! Please let us know how it's going. The one thing that has always helped me the most is the hand-holding. When I hear that someone else is having a little success, even a TEENY bit of it, then it makes me that much more motivated to put down the gummy bears myself!

    Weird, I know.