Tuesday, August 30, 2011

These were Anne's food choices today.

If you're at all curious...

Breakfast:  1 scrambled egg, 1/2 pear, 1/2 C milk and my protein drink... it's just water with a protein powder mixed in - tastes sorta like Sunny D.

Snack: 1/2 C pnuts and an iced mocha (8 oz).  I brew my own flavored coffee and add some hot cocoa protein powder mix.  Chill and serve over ice.  Suck it, McDonalds!

Lunch:  3 oz turkey breast, 2 cups raw veggies (cukes and the last tomatoes from my patio planter), the other half of my pear, and more "Sunny D"

Snack:   8 oz iced mocha (change in the weather/caffeine headache combo today) and a protein bar.

Dinner:  Turkey sausage (about 3 oz) sauteed in a little olive oil.  Removed from pan and used the "drippings" to stir fry bell peppers, shrooms, garlic and zucchini.  Mixed it all back together, thru in a little baby spinach and a splash of spag. sauce.(I can have 1 C cooked veggies)  Served it over 1/2 C quinoa (keen-wa... google it) for my starch (which is also a good protein source) instead of pasta.   DA-LISH!  Brian even liked it!  The quinoa looks like the bird seed that we used to feed our parakeets.  It just takes on the flavor of whatever you put it in.   Doesn't sound like much, but I had plenty on my plate and it was very satisfying.  

Here I am at 9:00 pm and I'm not craving sugar; I'm not hungry at all.  I have had about 130 oz of water and I'm still thirsty.  I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm parched.  In the morning, I need 2 glasses of water to get my brain booted up.  Yeesh, I never ever (unless I was hungover) reached for a glass of water first thing in the a.m.  What is up with that??? 

Meal planning sucks ass!  But it seems that when I simply break it down into one protein, one starch, one veggie...  suddenly it isn't so overwhelming.  Might not be the most exciting meal, but it does always taste good. 

I'll try to keep posting what I'm putting into my fat burning machine of a body to help give ideas to anyone who might like some help.  And please please please do the same for me!  I don't want to burn out!



  1. Your food choices sound perfect! How do you avoid candy? LOL I crave Gummy Lifesavers for some bizarre reason. The onvious would be, "More protein to cut the craving," but I've been doing that... I'm on a beans-and-lentils-kick now. When the going gets tough, I tend to go Indian. The Super One grocery store in our town has the BEST selection of cupboard-meals (not frozen or refrigerated) that are 100% natural, 100% vegetarian (some are vegan), and you just squirt out of a little silver pouch and heat up. When I eat one of these, (like the one I just did), I am literally full for HOURS. So, I must eat more of these. I only wish they weren't $4.50 apiece!!!

    I'm doing lots of brewed teas, brewed ice teas, and WATER like you. I'm trying to drink three 32-oz. jugs full of ice and water daily - because the ice takes up the whole volume of the bottle, and doesn't always melt into a drinkable state before I finish it. If it's cold enough, I am actually starting to LIKE drinking water!!! I NEVER thought this would happen for me.

    Fancy Snack Tip: Put raw, plain almonds in the freezer to make them crunch louder and taste better! I'm ADDICTED... even though only 11 of them contain 160 calories!!!!!!!

  2. I just bought some almonds today! I will try that! Thanks!

    I guess I'm sorta lucky that I'm not the biggest candy eater - unless it's chocolate. Things like gummies give me an instant headache. I get a little taste of chocolate with my protein bars and the hot cocoa protien powder stuff that I use... Yay!

    Beans...yummo! Just had taco salad the other night with black beans. So da-lish.