Thursday, August 25, 2011

How many sticks of butter is that??

Hello - it's Anne.  I'm on day 11 of my new "life style" and there is 5.8 lbs less of me!   According to my new BFF's fancy scale, 3.8 of those pounds was fat loss.  YAY!! 

The new BFF is Lisa - my guru at Physician's Weight Loss Center (or PWLC).  I haven't known her all that long, but she's like a girlfriend that I've had for years.  Some of the issues we talk about get very real.  And of course that means we talk about poop.  (and not the poop outta my kid's bottom, either.)  So weird to have that trusted person that I can tell these things too and she is not weirded out and gives me funny looks.  Going thru this change is hard to do and a person feels good, bad, sick, mad...  you really do need counsel to get you thru it all.  It's not just about what you're eating (or not eating) it's also how you feel mentally.  You have to be honest with yourself and be able to vent it to someone that knows what you're going thru and can "talk you off the ledge", if you will.   Lisa has experienced this all first hand and can also give me a heads up of what's to come.

Back to the poop... or maybe I should say "backed up poop".   Whoa, change in the diet means things can slow down a bit there.  Lisa advised me to go to GNC and get some "Super Colon Cleanse".  Whenever I hear the words colon cleanse, I always think of the "Nutty Professor".  (tee hee hee hee - that bathroom humor gets me every time!)

Wow, it works.   And I mean wowitreallyworks.  (To quote Fat Bastard from Austin Powers..."I don't remember eating corn!")

Last night I was planning on grilling some burgers (yes! I can have a hamburger!), but the grill wouldn't stay lit as we were experiencing hurricane force winds.  So plan B.  I didn't have a plan B and I was frustrated, hungry, tired and wanting a Mountain Dew with a side of cereal topped with a scoop of ice cream.  Not good.  Brian suggested we just go out, and I thought "YOU IDIOT!  I'M ON A DIET AND I CAN'T GO OUT FOR DINNER!!  WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SABOTAGE ME!  I HATE YOUR MOTHER!!"

Deep cleansing breath in....  and let it out...

Why can't I go out for dinner?  If this is my new "life", I'm going to have to be able to go out into the world and eat in a restaurant at some point.   So we went to Applebees and I took time to really look over the menu.  I knew I needed a lean protein, veggies, and a starch.  I had a 1/2 size grilled southwest chicken salad with just a little bit of guac, and a little bit of my hubby's potatoes and an ice water.  (I also had a couple of spoonfuls of my daughter's dessert, but it was just enough to satisfy my sugar craving.)  We're good. 

(for the record, I don't think my husband is a sabotaging idiot, and I really don't hate his mother. It was the stress talking.)

I'm still struggling with the planning.  I am OK to plan today, but I need to work on things like "plan b" and maybe think out a day or two in advance so I'm not running to the grocery store every morning.   Baby steps.  And my/our meals still may seem a little too simple or plain, but as I'm learning how to plan, I am also learning to stir in a little of this and use more spices.  And I don't beat myself up about not having a perfect Betty Crocker-ish dinner table set every night.

Still detoxing a little, but not nearly as crazy as it was at first.  I'm done with soda, but still have some caffeine in my coffee.  I'm cutting down on that too, so still having some caffeine withdrawl headaches.  I did have a massage last Saturday, and I think I'm going to do that again soon! 

It's crazy how much water I'm drinking.  I have a 2 qt pitcher of water in the fridge and I go thru 2 of those a day (more if I've be active outside).  The kicker is - I'm actually still thirsty.  I feel thirsty all day long and crave water. 

Lisa always says, "I'm asking you to insert a new program into the Matrix."  Not only is the Matrix one of my favorite movies, she's totally right.  Need to think differently. 

Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs on TLC (and a total hotty) always says, "It's important to know where your food comes from."  and not only is he good looking, he's right.  I think if we really knew, we might not want to eat that.

I say, "Garbage in, garbage out." 

Fight the good fight girls!  You'll know when you're really ready.


  1. You're doing GREAT - keep up the awesome job - you know you can do this!!! I'm figuring out ways to add little bits of extra protein to my day, which has always been a huge challenge for me. I am sure that my brain is predisposed to vegetarianism, because when I feel "sluggish" - which translates into what I imagine is a "protein craving" - I NEVER crave meat. I do, however, crave almonds and beans and weird vegetable proteins - even hummus! Bizarre, I know. But the garlic-infused versions are soooooooooooooo tasty on RyKrisp!!!

    I'm afraid to try the flush-out...period! I'm in the car too much throughout my day, ROTFL. It could be too scary to be worth it. Prune juice for me, yippee!

    I'm all about the water now, too. I NEVER EVER EVER imagined I could accomplish this. I have been addicted to Coke Classic and Dr. Pepper since I was very, VERY young. It's really the only bad food vice I'm never been able to quit until now. It took me TWO YEARS to quit butter completely. All I use now is "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray." I know I'll eventually drink a Coke. I'll never stop loving it. But right now, I'm at that "rock bottom" point where I'm SO disgusted with the way I look and feel, that I will take any drastic measures necessary to shed my last 21 pounds. My sanity simply depends on it!!!!!!!

  2. You know Kristin, I always used ICBINB thinking it was better than butter for me. Look at the ingredients, then look at the ingredients of butter. Butter seems a little more "natural" and I'd rather use that in moderation. Extra virgin olive oil is also a great alternative.

    Hummus is almost the perfect food. Lots of protein. Love it. My g-friend makes her own and it is total awesomeness. I like it with raw veggies. If I can get her recipe, I'll post it.

    Do you like shrimp? or other seafoods? I'll make a little shrimp cocktail for my lunch - yummo!

    Have you ever tried quinoa (pron. Keen-wa)?? It's considered a starch, but it has loads of protien in it. I'd recommend Bob's Red Mill brand as it's already cleaned. I've had it just plain with a dab of butter and salt. I think it would be good just mixed in with something as a filler. Google it, see what you think.

    And the colon cleanse stuff hasn't made me run to the toilet uncontrollably. Nothing explosive or embarrassing. :)

    Watch the juice intake... tons of sugar!

  3. Yes, it's true - the butter spray isn't as natural, for sure... it's soy-based, but that's the only natural thing about it. It's my "in-between" fix on my journey to quit butter. I love butter. There is no such thing as butter in moderation for me, unfortunately, and I normally feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING if I try hard enough. I've been working on this one my entire adult life! LOL

    I love hummus and veggies, and shrimp cocktail, and any seafood. I eat imitation crab on salads, and prefer it to real crab in its flavor. We catch lots of fresh walleye, salmon, and lake trout all summer, so we don't lack for good seafood, fortunately! We're very lucky there.

    Yes, I actually have quinoa pasta in my cupboard right now - though I haven't tried it yet. I love pasta, the white-flour-starchy kind, and I bought the quinoa to hopefully find an alternative. I'll try it this week! Thanks for your great tips! :o)