Monday, August 29, 2011

Starting week 3 of Anne's new life...

IT IS A FLIPPIN' AWESOME MORNING!!   I don't know, I just feel good and wanted to get my point across.

For starters, I had a superb meeting with the Guru this morning and I have to say that I'm doing way better than I expected.  Down almost 8 lbs (almost 8 lbs just sounds better than 7.6 - hey whatever works) and have lost 9.25 inches total.  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph where did it go??  My neck - it's there!!  One chin!  I'm down to only needing a training bra for my back fat.   YES!!  I don't jiggle and wiggle non stop.

And I'm not starving all day long.  NOT starving.  NOT just dying for a Mtn. Dew.  NOT finishing off the cookie that my daughter didn't eat. 

Don't get me wrong... sometimes I'll be going along minding my own business and BAM! a craving will just jump out at me like a crazy flasher from behind the bushes.  Except when he opens up his trench coat (why is it that only men seem to be flashers...) instead of seeing genitalia, it's a can of Mtn Dew.  What the hell?  NO!  Gross!  Put that away!

We have been discussing how certain sounds or activities can trigger us to turn into full addiction mode.  The other day at the beach, it seemed that all the other moms were opening one can of Diet Coke after another.  Just the sound of the pressure releasing itself from the can makes me want to have one or two or five.   Or like at the movies when everyone else in the theatre is munching on their tubs of popcorn and slurping up whatever is in their 2 liter size cup with ice sloshing around...  oh man, get me a thing of popcorn with extra "butter" and a box of plain M&M's with a 40 oz Pepsi to wash it down.  (mmm, chocolate and Pepsi... it's a beautiful thing)  I actually feel the shakes coming on and start to salivate like a dog.

GET CONTROL OF YOURSELF, ANNE!!  You've got to dig deep!  Protein cuts the carb cravings - so I indulged in a little more steak on Saturday night before going to see the movie.  I was full, I was satisfied, and not even the least bit interested in the consessions stand.  I went with the thought that if I got to the theater and still really wanted a treat, I should just do it instead of depriving myself.  A bag of popcorn is not going to hurt, really.  So I think it was a combo of eating the good stuff at home, and not telling myself to avoid the snack bar at all costs that helped out the will power.  AND much much much thanks to Lisa for her help and guidance via text messaging, too.  I tell ya, I couldn't do this without her on my side and in my head. 

I'm thinking to the days ahead knowing that the real challenge is yet to come.  This is all new and exciting and I'm super motivated.  I catch myself worring about three months from now and how hard will it be.  I have to change my thinking there and just worry about today. 

Here's to today - make it count!

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  1. Glad I read your post when i did! I'm sitting at work craving a Coke, and there's one in the fridge. I'll skip it now, and brew another cup of tea. So thanks!!!

    I had a crappy eating weekend. The cabin was wonderful, very beautiful and relaxing, and I needed that desperately. But I ate for shit. Lots of chocolate. (SMORES) Lots of carbs. Even a few can of pop that were left behind in June. I devoured them. We had plenty of meat and protein up there, venison steaks and diet-lean burgers, but it just wasn't what i wanted. I wasn't hungry for it, and I kept telling myself that I would regret it if I ate a third chewy granola bar, but I didn't listen to myself. AT ALL. I left for the cabin at 5:00 p.m. on Friday evening weighing 147.0, and I returned I returned Sunday evening FOUR POUNDS HEAVIER!!! Yesterday was diet-remorse day for me. I went out for lunch with the hubby, and ate a huge salad with real restaurant dressing. Then I had half a box of Nerds for dinner. Not a good day over-all, UGH.

    Today I feel so crappy and run-down that I'm refusing to eat out of pure disgust for my utter lack of willpower. I'm eating the right things today, and normal portion sizes. I need to hit the elliptical tonight to feel better emotionally. I went downstairs last night to attempt the same, and fell asleep on the couch in the dark with my running shoes in one hand and the empty Nerd box in the other. Good times!

    Keep up the GREAT work!!! I know I can do the same if I just get out of woe-is-me mode. Other stress in my life right now REALLY weighing me down. I'm emotionally eating all over the place. It just makes me feel even worse, of course. I have to keep reading this blog, because at present I am dieting vicariously through you and your you're kinda sorta my pseudo-guru. So, thanks!!!!!!!