Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pizza, Indian Curry, and WATER

Fads are bad, fads are bad, fads are bad.  Right?

It's true.  The faddier a diet, the less successful it usually is.  I've proven this true with lots of them.  Carb-Addict's (though I'm absolutely a carb-addict by their definition...), The Zone, South Beach, Atkin's, Cabbage Soup, blah blah blah.  Those are a few I've done, with initial results that turned into even more pounds gained after I fell off the wagon.

The permanent lifestyle change-thing is the only real way to go, but it's one thing to say it - quite another to DO it, permanently.  I know we're supposed to figure out our own personal food triggers; the reasons WHY we over-eat, or why we're emotional eaters, etc. etc.  I eat when I'm bored, I eat when I'm stressed, I eat when I'm depressed, I eat when I'm happy.  I eat whenever, whatever, wherever.  I LOVE TO EAT.  I love food, and I always have.  Thoughts of food and cooking and baking and grocery shopping infuse every aspect of my life.  I understand that as human beings, we can't exactly get away from this...we have to either eat or die.  But I still know plenty of people who don't obsess the way I do.

Somehow I've lost 5 pounds (according to my scale) in the past 48 hours.  I still document the calories in every bite I eat, so out of stunned curiosity, I read my last two days' lists.  I guess I'm not shocked to discover that yesterday, I was so busy that I literally forgot to eat; at least as often as I normally do.  The other thing was that the items I actually DID eat were extremely healthy, rather than on-the-fly, portable crap food.  I grabbed water bottles instead of pops, and I heated up some Indian curry-spiced "chili" and ate it before taking the teenager to the mall in the evening - which eliminated my craving for Pretzel Time and liquid cheese.  I came home, drank a cup of tea rather than eating anything more, and voila! - down five pounds since Monday morning.  

This is bizarre, but it has made me want to dust off one of my old methods of weight-loss, which I'm almost never disciplined enough to do over a sustained period of time:  Only Eat When I'm Truly Hungry.

Don't laugh.  This is REALLY tough to do.  Food is everywhere; food events never stop.  I NEVER pass up the opportunity to eat when others around me are eating, whether I'm hungry or not.  But I have to say...this is probably the single greatest piece of diet-lifestyle-changing advice I've ever tried.  

I try to add one more thing to that advice when I'm trying to drop pounds:  At the first sign of a hunger pang, I do what the books say you should do - drink a tall glass or 20-oz. bottle of ice-cold water.  Supposedly, the colder your drinking water, the more calories you burn trying to warm it up in your stomach.  OK, I guess that's logically sound.  The other thing I do is, after drinking that water, I ask myself:  Are you so hungry that you HAVE TO eat something RIGHT NOW?  Or can you wait 30 minutes?  Or even an hour?  When I do this, every time I feel a little hunger pang, I obviously stretch my eating out more over the course of the entire day, and I consume far less calories over-all simply because the day ends, and I run out of time to eat anything more!  Try it ladies, it really works!!!  

P.S.  Note on PIZZA:  I crave pizza more than anything when I'm limiting my fun foods.  So now I'm eating a Lean Cuisine mushroom pizza almost every day, which is only 300 calories, and they totally help me feel less deprived!  They're great - and I feel like I'm cheating the Diet Gods with this indulgence.

P.P.S.  I have succeeded in giving up POP - regular AND diet.  I am only drinking COLD water, fridge-brewed fruit-flavored ice teas with a teaspoon of sugar, a variety of hot teas (Lipton black, Lady Grey, honey-lemon green tea, white tea...), lime or black cherry-flavored mineral water (aaccckkk), and random cups of coffee if I'm dragging.  Anyone who knows me understands that this is the single-most amazing accomplishment of my entire life.

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  1. Yay!! Good for you! I think mentally we just have to be ready to accept reality before anything will work for us. I really wish you could meet my new bff Lisa. Oh, man! I think the counseling part of my new "life style" change has been key to my success. I don't get a lecture; I get great advice and the how, what, why. I can talk to her about anything and believe me it gets very real. I also get a shoulder to cry on and someone who totally gets it because she lives it everyday with me.

    Water, water, water, water, water. Keep drinking! Add more protein to keep you from the crazy blood sugar roller coaster and hey, it's ok to cheat a little now and then. You'll go totally nuts if you deprive yourself. Just remember to do it in moderation and totally enjoy every second of it.

    The curry chili sounds pretty darn good... Keep up the good work :)