Friday, September 2, 2011


It ain't just about bad food. 

Some places are toxic.  Like convenience stores!  But seriously - some places have bad memories for us so it may trigger bad habits or thoughts.

Some people are toxic.  We all have those "relationships" with others that we really get nothing out of. 

Had a great talk about this stuff with Lisa this morning and she pointed out that even though we know of these toxicities, we still keep going back to them.  Why?  We must be getting something out of it...

So she said it best by saying "I can't change those things or people.  They are what they are.  I can change MY behavior and MY actions."

Some "food for thought".

Smile ladies! 

P.S. have you had your water today?
P.S.S.  I'm on a honey craze right now.  I love it!


  1. Oh, this is SO true! We can only change us. If only it were as easy to do as it is to realize! I hate grocery stores for the exact same reasons that I hate convenience stores. I had a crazy idea once that I would start up a new business, which would be a drive-through that only stocked the items that we WISH we could get at a drive=thru NOW, only drive thrus now don't have them. I wanted to call my business "Everything Else." Get it? LOL!!!

    Anyway, my drive thru would have had fresh produce, (so people could get corn-on-the-cob from a Wisconsin farmer's field without getting their kids and themselves out of the car in a rainstorm at the side of the road where the guy has the pickup truck full of corn to buy. Ewwwww!

    I also wanted to have things like BBQ supplies; hamburger patties and buns, deli stuff like cole slaw and potato salad, and treats like something you'd buy when you stop and rent a movie on the way home from work, but you'd rather not pay triple for movie candy and microwave popcorn at the video store... ya know? I wanted to base it on my own, chaotic, family-driven life - how many times do I avoid grocery shopping or WalMart simply because the thought of dragging the kids inside is too exhausting to imagine? Drive-thru instead! I could get my Greek yogurt, salad ingredients, smoked salmon, and jug of sangria all in one stop without unstrapping a single seatbelt. LOL

    Anyway, a girl has to have her (weird) dreams, right?

    P.S. I CRAVE honey, too!!! On top of a dollop of creamy peanut butter, which would have to be on top of a smear of butter, which would be coating a slab of fresh Italian bread. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. I have also pondered the "drive thru" business!! I so get it!! There seriously could be something to this, Kristin!