Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's talk about "energy".

All you dog owners out there have probably heard of the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan.  Love that show.  Some people say that his methods are controversial??  but darnit they work!  While watching his show, I realized that his approach to training your dog can be used for "food training" ourselves.

He always talks about your "energy".  Dogs don't really understand our verbal language, but they definitely understand our body language and our energy that we have when we come into a room.   He was helping some couple train their hyper boxer and after demonstrating the technique, he handed the dog over to his owner and said "You ready to try" (in that awesome Latino accent) and the owner said "Well, sure I think I can try..."  oops.  Cesar corrected him by saying "You bring a completely different energy to the situation by saying "well, I think I can" instead of "yes absolutely I can."  It's all in our state of mind.  Really it applies to everything in life.  Food, exercise, learning a new skill, conquering a crazy goal...  or just simple tasks like catching up on laundry.

I told my silly realization to Lisa and she didn't think I was crazy at all.  In fact she added her two cents by saying, "Cesar doesn't believe the dog needs to change its behavior.  They do what comes naturally.  It's the owners habits and behaviors that need to change.  No different than food...  It won't change; WE have to change our habits." 

Put that in your protein shake and drink it!

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  1. SO true!!! Nobody's gonna do the work for us. Attitude is EVERYTHING, and when it comes to a diet-and-exercise lifestyle change...nothing could be more spot-on. Thanks for the pump-up!!!