Saturday, September 3, 2011

Club Pants?! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Today I am unpacking the boxes in my office.  I suppose I should mention that we moved into this "new" house 14 months ago.  So that means it's really REALLY sad and pathetic that I am just now finding a (tiny) chunk of time to get started unpacking my crap.  And it's all crap, too - with a box or two total of mementos mixed in.  The unpacking job entails separating the mementos from the crap, and discarding the crap.  Or otherwise known as, "MY LEAST @#$*^-FAVORITE TASK ON EARTH.

One might assume I'm smoothing the way with chewy, homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, or tequila.  But I'm not.  I had one minor dietary slip an hour ago, when I picked up the 3-year-old from my mother's house and stalked directly to her fridge, threw it open, and swallowed a can of Dr. Pepper in one gulp before I had a chance to taste it, or ask permission.  I usually ask permission at least.  In my opinion, it was worth all 150 caramel-colored calories on a day such as this.

I found two garbage bags full of "club clothes" while digging.  (Seriously?!  Did I REALLY wear these clothes in public?!  And actually DANCED in them?!  In FRONT of people?!)  They're all size 3,4,5...  I can't remember there being a size "0" when I was in high school or college, but I weighed around 120 pounds from the ages of 18-27, and I know a zero would have never fit me.  Even so, I have to admit I feel a little wistful as I bag these things up for Goodwill.  I mean, couldn't I make some of these items a "goal?"  They're not ALL tiny - most of them are actually lycra/spandex (I TOLD YOU - "CLUB CLOTHES!") - and I know that even if my ass ends up being a size 7 or 8 or 9 when I hit my goal weight of 125, I will be able to squeeze into some of these leggings pants.  And NO, I don't have any intention of wearing them in public again.  And NO, I don't ever have plans to dance in public again!  Stop laughing!  I used to be AWESOME.

These are very similar to my club pants.  No, I don't remember what I wore for shoes.  No, I do not have Alzheimer's.
It's almost 6:00 p.m., and I'm already at 1270 calories for the day.  I know I should stop there and be done eating now, but there is NO WAY I'll be able to do it - I'm hungry NOW!  I do plan to get on the elliptical later, though.  Maybe I'll survive with a protein bar or shake and a cup of tea closer to bedtime.  Wish me luck!


I'm not sure where those good luck wishes were directed, but they didn't land on me!  ROTFL!  Here's dinner, at 6:45 p.m.:

Lean Cuisine Mushroom Pizza:  300 calories
Mike's "Lite" Hard Lemonade:  100 calories
Total for the day (so far):  1670 calories

Dinner of Champions.  WINNING!!!
Which means that I need to ride that 'ol elliptical for two hours now to end up where I'd like to be for the day.  Hey, maybe I'll watch TWILIGHT!!!  

It's all good.


  1. 690 calories so far today, and it's 3:00 p.m. So I'm doing OK for a Sunday surrounded by tempting stuff to eat everywhere. We were going to head back to our cabin today and tomorrow, but had to cancel because out sewer pump BROKE this morning! Maybe that is why I haven't eaten more. It's hard to get really psyched up about food when the air inside the house reeks like a sewer. !!! :oP

  2. LOL! Club clothes??? You are a very organized, very funny lady. When I moved not only did I not pack different kinds of clothes in different boxes, but I didn't even unpack the dressers. They just got put into the moving van full.