Friday, September 2, 2011

Attitude Auto-Correct

MUCH better day so far today.  I've eaten more calories than I like to by this point in the afternoon (1:00 p.m.), but every bite has been decent.  Basically, no crap food.  I know there's a debate raging (somewhere) that frozen food can't possibly be healthy or considered "real" food, but I am one of those stubborn people who completely disagrees with that, and after doing my research and freezing my @#$%* _______s off in front of many frozen food cases, I can tell you I know what's available out there that has non-bio-engineered ingredients, true organic ingredients, vegan ingredients, etc. etc,  There are a handful of frozen meals that I couldn't live without, and they're DELICIOUS, and the calories are counted for me, and I know how much protein/carbs/fiber/fat I'm getting etc.  Here are my ULTIMATE faves:

Still my #1 pick, after every frozen meal I've tried.

Only 220 calories - and such a big portion that I'm stuffed for HOURS.

So many interesting textures and flavors here (plantains!), I'm hooked.

I don't have to avoid pizza anymore!  300 calories and I'm satisfied and HAPPY.

So those are a few of the meals I keep on hand, ALL THE TIME.  When I run out, I am in my car, driving to HellMart for more.

My day so far looks like this:

8:00 a.m.  Cup of English breakfast tea with a splash of fat-free half and half and two teaspoons real sugar (unfortunately, a necessity...):  60 calories 

9:15 a.m.  Handful of sweet snap peas out of the bag:  about 25 calories

9:45 a.m.  Lean Cuisine "VeggieCuisine" (meaning MEATLESS, with tofu-based "chicken-like substance...chewy and tasty!) "Enchilada Rojo with Mexican-style rice" frozen meal:  310 calories  (Weird to eat so early in the day, I know, but I'm hungriest in the morning and late evening...)

11:30 a.m.  Banana:  80 calories

12:45 p.m.  "Oikos" (Dannon) Key-Lime flavored Greek Yogurt:  160 calories

1:15 p.m.  More tea:  60 calories

(Total calories so far:  695)

That's where I am so far, and I've almost finished my first 32-oz. jug of ice water and haven't craved a Coke yet today.  Tonight is first dinner out with the hubby in a couple weeks, and we're thinking of trying somewhere other than our two favorite local spots, which are Guadalajara Restaurant in Superior, WI (we got married there!), and India Palace in Duluth, MN.  We might take the risk, we're not sure yet!  Otherwise, we'll stick to what we know we love.  I will do my best to keep it light and healthy!!!

Have a great weekend, girls!


  1. You can do it! Order something with protein and veggies and you'll be just fine!

    I see that we both sorta do the same thing, but you count calories, where I just measure things out. I guess I'm getting around 1000 - 1200 cals a day. And I could eat lunch at 10 every morning, too.

    GOOD JOB! :)

  2. It was OK...though I didn't find anything protein-rich on the menu that really wanted. Settled for rigatoni with marinara sauce (instead of choosing alfredo, sigh...), and it came with two un-buttered wedges of Italian bread, which I scarfed. I Also slammed a tall glass of sangria, as the husband and I were in the midst of a heated argument just before we went into the restaurant, and we ate most of the meal in silence.

    So, could have been better, could have been worse, food-wise... I guess at least I skipped an appetizer and a dessert, both of which I was dying for. We also ate this meal really early, before 6:00 p.m., and I didn't eat anything more the rest of the I ended up down a pound this morning. Hooray! Back in the 140's. I suppose I could/should set a goal for myself that my scale will NEVER EVER slip into the 150's (or beyond) again in my lifetime, but we're going to the cabin tomorrow and Monday - so I'm not going to stake that claim until Tuesday. ROTFL.

    Thanks mucho for the encouragement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!