Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lost: 10 Lbs...

If found, please don't return it to me.  Send it to Natalie Portman or Oprah.

How about them apples?  According to the fancy shmancy scale yesterday, I'm down 10 lbs, of which 7 were fat lbs.  Don't ask me how the scale's been explained to me, but it involves science and physics, and other math and that pretty much tunes my brain right out.

I'm feeling good, looking better, wearing some clothes that I haven't worn (with any pride) for a few months.  It's rockin'!  Today I went to the salon and had an awesome haircut that makes me look skinnier.  Again, don't ask how - my hair dresser is a genius.  Friday I'm going back for a massage.

I think I'm starting to grasp this concept of taking care of Anne.  I'm realizing that nobody else is going to really do it for me, and it's OK to be a little selfish and self centered.  You know, why is it not OK to let other people down, but it seems totally acceptable to let myself down?  I have high expectations of other people, why not myself?  hmmm....

I was pretty proud of myself today...  I was in a rush after school let out as I needed to get ready to go to a class tonight and wanted to leave by 5:00.  So it's the "go through the back pack and get a snack and listen to all the school stories"...yada yada...  And I needed to eat dinner.  I had already told Brian that he and Corine would be on their own, so I just needed to do my own meal.  Quick!  In a panic I was very tempted to just run out and grab something from "Evil Foods R Us", but instead I slowed my thinking.  Hmm, what could I do for a protein that was easy.  No cooking required.  Shrimp!  Just thaw and oila!  While that was thawing out, I steamed my potatoes and green beans in my trusty double decker steamer and whipped up a protein pudding for "dessert".  Dinner was done in 20 minutes and I was out the door on time.  Da-lish and nu-trish.  BAM!  Suck on that Ronny McDonny!

I'm a very routine girl, so tonight through me off a little.  I was home by 9:00, but since I had eaten dinner so early, I was feeling hungry.  Snacky hungry.  Like "give me a bowl of cereal with a side of white toast sprinkled with sugar with another side of chicken a'la king on biscuits" snacky hungry.

Instead I had a chalky and unsatisfying piece of string cheese (really need to get the good stuff) and then a handful of almonds which were really exceptionally yummy.  I'm totally fine now and feel my body winding down from the day.  Need to do some stretches and relax before bed. 

P.S.  Lisa told me a little somethin' somethin'...  she knows a person on the inside at McDonalds...  he told her that they coat their fries with sugar and then deep fry 'em.  NO WONDER THEY ARE SO FLIPPIN ADDICTIVE!!!   

P.S.S.  She also told me a little bit of marketing genius.  She told me to go down the chippy aisle at the grocery store.  Notice all the bright colors of the bags?  To quote her "Look at a bag of Doritos!  It's gorgeous!"  You know why they do that?  Our brains are hard wired to associate bright reds with lean fresh meat.  Dark greens = fresh veggies.  Bright pretty colors = fruits.  So we see these bags of junk food, and our brains want it because of these primitive color associations.  Frito Lay bastards!!!

P.S3  Kristin, I will see Lisa tomorrow and ask her about that 5 factor diet thing...  I have never heard of it, but it does sound similar.  Except I don't get the cheat day.  Well, I suppose essentially I could have as many cheat days as I like, but what would be the point...  They don't promote cheat days, is maybe what I should say.  Any other questions that you'd like to ask her put it on the blog - she reads it and we have some great talks!

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  1. CONGRATS!!! Very happy to see someone losing pounds...we all know how flippin' HARD THAT IS TO DO!!! Keep up the great work, and I'll keep on reading what you're saying and hopefully it will rub off!

    Trying to get through today with a big, FAT 'ol smile on my face, but it's therapy "psych up" #3, and I have to admit I'm not looking forward to it. AT ALL. Today, we are being grilled about our CHILDHOODS. Yippee-@#$*^-skippy. CAN'T WAIT.

    All I want to do today is eat, but my stomach is so screwed up and in such knots that I've already lost my breakfast (ugh, that Greek yogurt tasted SOOOOOOOOO much better going down...) and I know if I eat anything substantial before the 2:00 p.m. brain-rape, I'll lose that, too. So I'm gonna sip my green tea and laugh when my stomach makes disgusting noises in our session instead.

    I have often wondered about how I could capitalize on something I like to call the "Completely Stressed-Out Diet." There has GOT to be a way to market this, ladies! Ideas? It would be similar in effectiveness to the "I've Had the Flu for Three Days Diet" or the "My Teenager is Getting Her Driver's Permit Diet." You KNOW how successful those both are at shedding the pounds!!!!!!!