Monday, September 5, 2011

Anne's checkin' in...

Happy Labor Day weekend!  I was dreading the long weekend after two whole days of me time (well, during school hours) but things have been going well and we're all getting along for the most part. 

Are we behaving??  Well, at least on our diets?  I have been very good; following along with my plan and have been able to actually plan a day or two ahead.  We have gone out to eat twice, but I was able to control myself and order food that I should be eating.  With the exception of the frozen custard from Culvers.  They are EVIL.  I just had a single scoop of the the flavor of the day...  then felt guilty about wanting to go back again for more.  Instead of letting me sit there in agony,  Brian distracted me with a Mark Wahlberg movie. 1.) Markie Mark.  2.)No shirt. 3.) Awesomeness.  (The Fighter - it was better than Rocky)

Then this morning we went to the 'Bou for "breakfast".  I had a regular plain ol' coffee and I swear my eyes were doing swirlies like a crazy cartoon character from Scooby Doo...  wow!  I had to down a 20 oz bottle of water to dilute the jolt of energy pumping thru my veins.  Serious hard core stuff!

We also went raspberry picking yesterday.  We picked 7 pints and I froze them all for a winter stash.  I wish I could do that with cucumbers.  I hate winter produce...

The guru was keeping tabs on us over the weekend, throwing out words of encouragement...  I liked this one..

"Never worry about calories in the food you should eat.  Worry about the calories in the foods that deviate from our plan."    AMEN!

Hope you all had a great weekend...  some of you reading this will be sending your kiddos off to school tomorrow.   Enjoy!!

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  1. Is the plan you do with your guru similar to the 5-Factor Diet, by the celebrity-trainer guy Harley Pasternak?

    On that plan, you eat five meals each day that must be made up of five components: a lean protein, a complex carbohydrate, fiber, a "good" fat, and a sugar-free drink. The food choices are based on the Glycemic Index (low-glycemic = good, duh! LOL) to help control cravings and overeating.

    This dude also says that getting regular exercise is 50% of his plan. He says you must exercise five days a week to get the "full benefit" of the plan. He suggests five exercises, to be done five days each week, that take about five minutes each to do.

    My favorite thing about this plan: Each week, there is one day Pasternak calls a "cheat day" when you can eat absolutely anything you want.

    I read up on this plan a few months ago, because it was categorized as a "non-fad diet" when I did a search - because of the fact that it promotes life-long, healthy food choices and changes. I liked that it sounded do-able. I did it, for a few days - but apparently wasn't ready to fully commit, otherwise I'd still be doing it! I'm thinking I need to try it again. I'm very run-down, sluggish, low-energy lately. I know I've been eating less protein than I should, but it's hard for me - I've never been a huge meat-eater, even though I don't dislike meat. And a girl can only eat so much hummus and so many beans!!! I do crave sweets a lot lately, which is strange for me - normally, I crave salt if anything. I am going to do a little more research...

    Let me know if your guru is familiar with the 5-Factor deal, and what she thinks! Thanks!