Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello ladies, Sarah here, I have been doing pretty good the last few weeks.  I have lost a total of 5.5 pounds and I'm starting to notice changes in my bod.  FINALLY!  My pants are a little looser, and I have gone down a notch on my belt.  That's good huh?  Last week I did excellent.  I had lots of protein so I wasn't very hungry but I was SO TIRED.  This week I'm having less protein (gotta go to the grocery store) and more carbs and I'm very hungry but I'm not so tired.  I don't know what's worse, being tired, being hungry or being fat.  Only hungry also makes me crabby, but tired is annoying, and fat is just fat.  I'm starting to think I'm okay with being fat.  Dieting sucks.  I feel like a fat anorexic, which has all the disadvantages of the dreaded disease, but none of the thinness.

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  1. Great job, Sarah!!! I agree with the "dieting sucks" assessment, 100%. I feel like I'm starving. I was trying the same high-protein regime, but then I had NO energy to exercise! I couldn't even IMAGINE hauling my lethargic ass onto the treadmill. I'm still trying to find a balance. It still seems that 1100 per day calories seems to be some kind of magic number. When I eat 1200 or 1300, the weight loss stops dead. It's almost NO FOOD, but I suppose that's the whole point. What I don't understand is people who say, "just dip your raw cauliflower in some fat-free veggie dip to make it tasty!" or "just dip your apple slices in peanut butter to make it less boring!" It sounds fabulous, but it's impossible to stay below 1100 calories doing that. It seems like raw, fresh, bland, tasteless, plain, diet-lean, organic, rye flour, etc. are the words that describe what I'm eating now. If I didn't have Diet Mt. Dew, I think I'd just curl up in a ball and cry. Now down 6.5 pounds since February 7th, so I guess it's all worth it. I guess. LOL Rooting for you to have a super week-end and great dieting week next week!