Friday, February 18, 2011

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

Cuz it's just that kind of day.  Anne here.   I went shopping with Corine this afternoon to find her some jammies to wear on our Florida trip, and I wanted to look for a swim suit for myself.  First suit I picked out was in my size, black (the only color suit that I'll wear!), and I had a coupon, which essentially put it on sale.  I had no idea what size to get, but this suit has a built in under wire bra thingy, so the size of the suit was the size of the bra.  Easy enough.  Fit like a dream!  Even Corine said "Wow Mommy!"  Sold.

I had lost a nice amount of weight (just over 5 lbs) then I got sick, so I wasn't as careful with the diet and who can exercise when you cough up a lung after climbing a set of stairs?  Much to my surprise, I didn't gain any of my weight back!  I do jiggle a little more, so now this weekend I'll be back to Zumba.

Of course, I might just think that I look OK because I want to go on this trip so bad!


  1. Okay, I hate you just a tiny bit right now. Down 5+ pounds, looking not only great, but SWIMSUIT great, and going to Florida. Good for you. Seriously. Good. For. You.


  2. NOBODY says, "WOW!" when I put on a swimsuit. At least not "WOW!" in a good way.