Saturday, February 5, 2011

1100 Calories

Hi, Sarah here.  It's been almost a week on the calorie counting version of the super-vigilant diet.  I found a great app for my iPod called Lose it! that has an enormous list of foods with the amount of calories in them all, and you can track your weight and calories and activities.  It's pretty cool.  When I was filling out my info for my individualized program, I put in my weight and that I wanted to lose 2 pounds a week.  So it did its little calculations and said that my intake needs to be 1,124 calories a day.  That is NOTHING.  I have eaten 1100 calories in Oreos standing at the kitchen counter because I was bored before.  I have eaten an 1100 calorie appetizer, and then gone on to clean up a giant entree.  I've eaten 1100 calories in movie snacks.

I've actually been pretty good about hitting that tiny target this week.  My hip is feeling much better so I've been doing the hard workouts.  Last night I did one that focused on upper body strength.  Everything above my waist is sore.  It hurts to breathe.   Tomorrow morning will be the moment of truth.  I hope it was all worth it.  Cross your fingers for me!


  1. That stinks. The 1100 calories, that is. I agree with it, though. For some bizarre reason, when I eat 1200 calories, even when I'm finding time to fit a few workouts in, it's hard for me to lose any weight unless I'm eating LESS than the so-called "magic number" of 1200 calories. 1100 is almost NO FOOD. It's a couple cups of coffee or tea with milk and sugar, a big salad, a couple 100-calorie snacks, a couple pieces of fruit. It doesn't allow for any real "meals." And a meal that includes meat/veggies/whole grain/dairy??? Forget it.

    I hope your results tomorrow show a loss for you! It's been a tough week here. Today being the Superbowl doesn't help, but I'm trying not to use it as an excuse to binge. Maybe if I just skip the game altogether and just keep cleaning... Yeah. That'll happen.

    Thanks again for this blog, Sarah. I read it every day. It's pretty much the only incentive I've got these days! :oP