Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How's Everyone Doing?

Looks like a quiet week in Blog Land.  How's everyone doing this week?  
Kristin here, eating an apple, trying to convince myself it tastes like a Cadbury Creme Egg.  Initially I lost 5.5 "water weight" pounds about a week ago, but gained 5 of them back between Thursday of last week and yesterday.  (Lake Avenue Cafe dinner with the teenager last Thursday, Guadalajara dinner and movie with hubby last Friday, Lia Sophia Jewelry party Food-Extravaganza last Saturday... then a fair amount of what I like to call "Dieter's Remorse Eating" on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  (Mountains of jewelry party leftovers, Zhong Hua Chinese lunch, Erberts and Gerberts lunch, etc. etc. etc.    HORRID.) 
Today, I've managed to reign it in somehow.  When the hubby called me from Perkins and asked if he could bring me anything, I somehow told him I was "fine."  Otherwise it would have been one of those giant, gooey cinnamon rolls with 1/2 stick of butter smeared on it.    <sigh>

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