Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hi, Sarah here. I think I've finally found what is going to work for me that will actually produce weight-loss results:  starving and exercising to absolute exhaustion.  Actually, it's not all that bad. (yes it is) This week I'm not eating any more than 1100 calories no matter how much I exercise.  Previously I would take into account how much I exercised in a day and I could eat to make up for the exercise deficit by eating that many more calories.  I only lost a pound and a half.  Not too impressive.  This week 1100 is the max I'm eating every day and I've been weighing myself every day (I know, stupid rookie mistake) and it's working!  Actually on Monday I was a little discouraged because on Sunday (official weigh-day) I weighed 173 and on Monday I weighed 173.5.  I attribute this to the massive amounts of fat and sodium I ate on Sunday when I blew it with my fried shrimp feast. (No regrets!) But on Tuesday I was down to 172.5 and today I was down to 172. 

This is what I've been eating:  A glass of water and a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast.  160 calories (and wonderful breath all morning!) This is instead of my tiny bowl of raisin bran that was around 270 with the milk.  I figure that is too much to have in the morning when I'm not all that hungry and protien is better to start the day than carbs, right?  RIGHT!

For lunch a Lean Cuisine.  I really like the tortilla encrusted fish (290 calories), or the pecan chicken (310 calories)

For a snack an apple which is about 100 calories.  That brings me up to about 550 calories and that leaves 550 for the rest of the day.  Not bad!  Monday I had a stupid salad and a tiny piece of salmon for dinner and a tiny red potato and I can't remember how many calories that was but it wasn't 550 so I ended the day with calories left so I had a piece of string cheese for 80 calories in the evening when I was starving.  I'm trying to eat more protein than carbs which is so sad because I LOVE carbs almost as much as I love my children. 

I've been doing the worst workouts this week too.  On Monday I went to the Y and did a half hour on the elliptical and did it hard enough so that my heart almost exploded about five times.  Then I did a half hour on the treadmill and even did about ten minutes of that running!  No, YOU shut up!  Last night I did my least favorite hour-long DVD workout.  I hate it because it KILLS my legs and I'm completely out of breath for most of the workout and I can't do some of it without collapsing so it makes me feel weak and old. 

I hope the weight loss keeps up. Think thin thoughts for me!

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  1. I will think thin thoughts for you! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!
    OMG Sarah, this is the exact conclusion I came to. 1100 calories and exercise, exercise, exercise. I'm trying to eat a protein every time I crave a carb, even if it's a few dry roasted peanuts or smoked almonds. Plain Greek yogurt tastes like moldy ass, but when I choke down one of those suckers I am full for 3 hours! Weird.
    GOOD LUCK on this week! I am on day 3 of being uber-disciplined, too. It SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS infinitely worse than, say, eating a Cadbury Creme Egg whenever I want to. Time to fix this fat problem once and for all. I feel a bit obsessed today, but oh well. And you know what that genius Bob the Builder says...
    "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"
    P.S. One True Blood episode while walking on the treadmill at 2.7 mph equals 50 minutes walking, 2.4 miles walked, and a whopping 200 calories burned. Bonus!