Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cycle 2...totally sucked ass!!

Hi fellow bloggers....Susie here.  OK so I'm doing the 17 Day Diet and did VERY well on the first Cycle.  So I'm thinking that maybe I found the diet that works really well for me and was totally excited going into the next cycle.  Let me recap....first cycle you eat a lot of lean protein (chicken, turkey, egg whites), fresh veggies and fresh fruit and lots of water.  You exercise at least 17 min per day.  So we ended the first cycle with a weight loss of 14 lbs.  So I start planning my menu and grocery list for the next cycle and my husband and daughter both start COMPLAINING about eating MORE chicken.  So just to make them happy I made a couple of dishes without chicken....spaghetti, enchiladas, tacos, hamburgers & pizza.  Are they happy, probably, am I.....NO.  I started cycle 2 and ended up gaining 3 freaking pounds.  I don't know how anyone else is but once I trail off I have a hard time getting back on track!!  So I started over & told myself cycle 2 sucked ass!!  So today I stepped on the scale and I'm back down to 14 pounds gone.  What really gets me is it takes forever to come off but so quickly to come back on!!  Hopefully this next week will be better and I will have another loss.....not gain!!  Good luck to everyone :)


  1. Hey Susie... hang in there! This 17-Day Diet has me intrigued. I just did a few searches trying to find out info. about it; did you buy the $60 book? I don't want to buy anything, LOL. I found one good link that revealed a few tidbits about the plan here:

    Right now I'm trying to find out which veggies are considered "non-starch," and which fruits are "low-sugar."And the "bit of oil;" what is that? Where do you use it, and what kind do they recommend? I figure any plan that helps someone lose 14 pounds in 17 days is a thousand times better than anything I've managed so far. So I'm naturally curious!!! Keep up the good work! P.S. My hubby just told me he doesn't want to eat the chicken I told him I'd be buying, too. LOL!

  2. Kristin, I purchased the book at and paid $28.00. It is a very interesting book and highly recommend ordering it. There is a whole page of what kind of veggies to eat and probably 1/4 page of fruit. You can have 2 tbls of olive oil per day. I decided to just cook whatever the meal is for that day and if my husband and daughter complain....they can cook for themselves!!!

  3. Thanks for the info.! $28 is better than $60. LOL I have a whole shelf on my book shelf dedicated to diet books. All I lack is the time to study them!

    I like the sound of this plan; will definitely check it out and incorporate as much of it into my next 17 days as possible. Thanks again!