Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dreading Tomorrow's Weigh-In

I SHOULD just skip tomorrow's weigh-in, but I probably won't.  Kristin here, typing with a glass of sangria to my right and a glass of 2% milk (next to a home-made peanut-butter-chip cookie) to my left.  My whole week wasn't this ridiculous; I did manage many many hours of successful starving and suffering.  The past week I've been loosely following the general "guidelines" of the "17-Day Diet;" that is to say that I have not yet purchased the book, but found enough reviews online to kind of "piece together" the rules of the first 17-day "cycle."  In short, I've been trying to keep my calories to 1200 or less, and have those calories be 99% lean meats, such as venison tenderloin, chicken breast, tuna, imitation crab, shrimp, etc.... combined with tons of no-starch veggies, two servings of low-sugar fruit, two servings of plain Greek yogurt, and a blob of olive oil (I'm assuming to cook the meat in...?)  I don't know whether the seafood is supposed to be OK, but it's low-cal and protein, so I'm going with it.  I've been trying to eat little or no processed "meat," such as cooked/pressed/smoked/cured turkey lunchmeat and turkey hotdogs.

It's interesting to me that suddenly, now that I'm trying to eat healthier, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth.  I've NEVER craved chocolate before now.  Now, it's all I can do to avoid the ice cream bars that have been in the freezer for weeks!  I assume it's because I'm restricting my carbs over-all, and my body is craving carbs in general, and sweets fall into the carb family.  I can't figure it out otherwise.

I realize the ludicrous-ness of the fact that I am sitting here, typing on this diet blog, while baking huge, gooey cookies.  I've had the bag of peanut butter chips in the cupboard since last summer, and I wanted them gone.  My husband likes a cookie occasionally with his coffee, and he's more than satisfied with the generic Oreo-types with lard-based "cream" sandwiched in between two cardboard-tasting wafers.  I thought these would be a nice "Super Bowl treat."  I got the thumbs up from both him and the teenager, so I'm glad I went ahead and purged our cupboard of the offensive, diet-killing chips now.

I'm strangely still motivated to start a new dieting week tomorrow.  I want to do everything right this week; I want to eat lean meats and no bad carbs and lots of fruits and veggies, only whole grains, fat-free dairy, minimal sweets, minimal pop, minimal sangria (waaaaaaa)...  I want to walk on the treadmill at least 3, hopefully 4 times by next Sunday.  And then, I want to do all of that again, every week, until I'm dead.

At least I know what I SHOULD be doing... right?

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  1. Weigh-in completed. 165.5, exact same as last Monday morning. I was very happy not to have gained, though!!!