Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

This just in:  Anne is still alive.

I'm on day four of my 4 week no wheat challenge, and it's really not all that bad.  In fact, I feel great.  I really feel for people with food allergies; gluten allergies esp.  It's in EVERYTHING and I'm pretty sure that I will not be 100% wheat free in these next four weeks... Hidden wheat (flour) is found in condiments and tomato sauces (as thickeners), along with shredded cheeses and spices just to name a few.  I may inadvertently digest some of that, but I don't think that'll kill me as I'm not intolerant.  I'm just trying to avoid it.

I am also really watching the refined sugars...  again, not much of a stretch as I really have cut way back since August 15th, but it is in products that I hadn't paid much attention to.  Like my coffee creamer.  That delicious creamy sweetness.  Probably not the best thing for me, so I switched to just plain cream, and limit myself to 12 oz of coffee in the a.m.  I think that my challenge will be changing the mindset and habits of my family.  They love bread and chips and ice cream; and of course they want me to come along for the ride.  I don't think that they deliberately set out to sabotage my goals.  Or do they??

Still hearing the crickets, but that's OK.  We all have to find our own way and what works for us.

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