Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The hangover.

Anne was a little naughty; she hopes Santa doesn't put her on that list...

Well, actually I didn't dive totally into the deep end of the sugar plum fairy's pool.  I waded in it just enough to get the carb induced hangover.  It's not good.

It all started with that stupid cold that I caught two weeks ago; wasn't making the best choices - but not the worst choices either.  Just sorta blah.  Then the white chocolate covered popcorn found it's way into our house, then the truffles, then the M&M's, and the sugar cookies....

December 26,  those treats either got polished off or sent to the trash... the 27th, the cravings started.  Like overpowering, overwhelming cravings.  Pictures of Coke on ice were flashing in front of my face and the thought of eating one more piece of succulent milk chocolate was making my mouth water!  I had a massive headache!  Oh, it's real.  It's very real.  I'm such a believer in food addictions now.  Don't try to convince me that it's just in my head because the physical symptoms of sugar withdrawal are horrible. 

I went to exercise last night for the first time in two weeks, and it felt good!  Today I've been reading and re-reading my food bible (a collection of articles about why wheat is the devil) and have been inspired to do better for myself.   

I am going to go wheat free starting Jan 1st (see my other post from today) and am contemplating a war against all refined sugars.  Whatever sugar hangover I have left in my brain is protesting that one so strongly that it hurts to even think to much about it.  I'm trying so hard to stay strong.  Plans have been made to see Lisa and then a good walk with my dog.  Gotta do positive things to stay occupied before I unconsciously drive over to Mickey D's and order up a large fry.

United we stand!!

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