Friday, January 6, 2012

Still Here, Too!!!

LOVE the info. in your last three posts, Anne - thanks for sharing! I actually still stop here every day, and had read your posts before today, but I've somehow forgotten how to not over-load my day with ten times more items on my To Do list than I actually have time to do, and I literally haven't had a spare minute to comment.

My mother, sister and I started a "secret" family Facebook group comprised of the three of us on New Year's day, and we've been just trying to encourage each other to eat well.   My mother bought the Wheat Belly book (thanks to your recommendation here!), as well as The Paleo Diet book, which says many of the same things. My sister is counting calories religiously for the first time in her life, and wants to lose 50 pounds by July. And me, well, I'm still plodding along, and more than a little bent out of shape (pun intended) by the 7.5 pounds I gained between December 23rd and January 3rd!!! I added almost a pound a day in ten days, people. BURP.

The coconut oil is a MUST! I will re-stock myself now. I also added real butter back into my diet, and dumped out everything artificial or soy-processed or chemical-enhanced or full of high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, sugar, sodium, MSG, etc. My mantra now is "REAL FOOD ONLY." And damn if this isn't a "DUH" thing, ladies!!! 6.0 pounds gone in 11 days, just by ditching the garbage food. DUH. 

My spread at work today.  YUM.  And yes, the bread is Ezekiel.  :o)
Anne, how is the 4-Week No-Wheat Challenge going?  I'm finding the same thing; that it really isn't all that hard.  I have made a few new rules for myself:  I don't eat ANYTHING without reading the label first.  If it has MSG in it and more preservatives than I can pronounce, it's GONE!  (Bye-bye, Wyler's Chicken Broth granules!!!)  If it has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it, it's GONE!  (Bye-bye, fat-free Half and Half and Rice Krispies!)  If it has enough natural sugar in it to spike my blood sugar and therefore spike my insulin, it's gone!  (Bye-bye, orange juice!)  If it has ANY processed soy ingredients, it's gone!  (Bye-bye, Wishbone Salad Spritzer spray dressings!) If it has ANY whole grain or whole wheat ingredients, it's GONE!  (Bye-bye, bread, bagels, pasta, cereal, pretzels, chips, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc...........................!)  If it's fake butter, it's GONE!!!  (Bye-bye, my beloved "Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray!"

It's ALL GONE.  I am eating nothing but Real Food now.  That's how the 6.0 pounds just fell off.  I'm snacking ALL DAY on so many fresh veggies and fruits and hummus and rice crackers and brown rice and baked chicken and venison burgers and steamed fish and Ezekiel and sprouted-grain breads (WITH butter!!!) and oatmeal and yummy teas and ice water (and lots of other really yummy Real Food, but the list would take more time than I have at work...)....... that I don't have any room left in my stomach to feel hungry or deprived!!!  I highly recommend the "ADD REAL BUTTER back into your diet" advice.  I have avoided butter, in favor of the fake spray, since 1999.  And I've missed it since 1999!!!  And no, you can't go gobbling up stick after stick of butter, BUT - you can have 50 calories of butter on your bread, your toast, your sandwich, your steamed veggies, your oatmeal, your WHATEVER - and it's not going to make you fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin is a happy girl.  
Can't wait to get some coconut oil!!!!!!!
Next step:  Working my workouts back into my insane life.  
Wish me luck, because I will NEED IT.......



  1. That is a beautiful picture of a phenomenal lunch! I saw that and slapped myself on the forehead and thought "I forgot the hummus!" Back to the store I go!

    Found a good substitute for pasta. Julienne some zuchini with your veggie peeler, sautee it quickly in a little evoo and pour your meat sauce over it.... so stinkin good! Not to mention quick and easy.

  2. I'll try it!!! I have both whole wheat (DEVIL!) pasta (which will never get eaten now) and rice and corn pastas (which I just haven't gotten around to trying) in our cupboard. But I've always loved zucchini, so it sounds even better to me!