Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15

I've made it to the half way mark of my 30 day no wheat challenge.  It's getting easier, and I feel kinda proud of myself for pulling out of some really bad cravings and nourishing my body and mind with REAL food. 

I did say I'd go 100% no wheat, but I lied.  Sort of.   There are those nasty hidden gluten thickeners in things that I have cut back on, but are sometimes totally unavoidable.  BUT there are the good wheats that I don't need to deprive myself of.  Ezekiel bread and the Ezekiel CEREAL (oh yes, there is!) are on the menu and OK to have.

Although they are on the menu, I still limit the amounts.  This cereal is AWESOME in Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries.   It's like a Grape Nuts texture.  Love the almonds in there, too.

Oh man, then there's my new favorite sugar craving buster....  natural peanut butter.  Just ground peanuts and sea salt.  I mix a tbsp of pb with a tbsp of coconut oil and a smidge of honey....  dalish, filling, good fats, good oils, and good proteins.  Might have to add some of my cereal in there next time for a little crunch! 

Thursday afternoon, I was craving Mickey D's so badly but I didn't want to go out into the freezing cold to get it.  I made my own burger, no bun, fresh WI cheese (do you know how much I love living here?  Lots!), and zucchini spears with a sour cream/cottage cheese & seasoning dip.  I was stuffed, satisfied and proud.... not slow, sluggish, and depressed like I would have been if my craving had got the best of me. 

Also upped the weight amount in my kettle bells classes.  Whoa.  I swear I had a charlie horse in the middle of my back yesterday while working out.  I never thought I actually had muscle there... it's always been, well mushel.  Fat and a spine.   I wanted to die, but later on in the day I was feeling so dang good.  I want to do that workout again and I will push myself to do even better.

So, the 15 day results...  Some weight loss (slow and steady wins the race), better complexion (for this time of year, my skin actually looks fresh), where did my droopy eyelids go?? :),  and my anxiety is down.  I think the mental relief is the biggest deal.  Can't describe it in words...but the weight on my shoulders has been lifted.  

Looking forward to the next 15 days!

Keep on keepin on!


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  1. Sounds like the super-low/no-wheat plan is helping! I'm still trying - it's sooooooooooooooooooooo hard for a bona-fide CARB0ADDICT such as myself! But I'm trying. I will be looking for the Ezekiel cereal; I've never seen it! I CRAVE CEREAL more than any other carb - even pasta!!!