Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inch by Inch

Hello ladies, Kristin here...  How's everyone doing on the dieting as we near the end of March?  It always boggles my mind when a month passes and I don't remember it.  I feel like New Years Eve was just days ago; are any of you experiencing the same bizarro-phenomenon?

My diet has been coming along ok.  I really feel focused, 99% of the time, which is a lot more than I have been in the past 3 years.  My biggest challenge is still trying to figure out how to manage the never-ending "food events" that seem to infect our life.  Every week, and sometimes more than once or twice, we have random restaurant meals or celebratory meals at relative's houses that pop up.  We've had less parties in the past few weeks, but more restaurant eating.  One thing we (my hubby & I) have been consciously trying to do is eat those meals as early in the day as possible.  One of the worst things about eating out always seems to be that it happens late in the day, often after 7:00 or 8:00 p.m., and who in their right minds feels like hopping on the elliptical at 10:00 p.m.?!  Not me, that's who.

So we've been trying to reign in not only the time of day we eat out and the number of times over-all, but I've also completely changed the kinds of things I order.  For example, for lunch at Perkins, instead of getting my favorite cinnamon roll slathered in butter, or a BLT with an order of fries and a side of gravy... I got an omelette stuffed with veggies and a tiny bit of cheddar cheese, and a side of fruit.  A HUGE improvement for me.  Then at a business lunch at J. B. Schneider's in West Duluth, I got a really good fresh shrimp-and-spinach salad that I sprinkled with a little olive oil and a lot of calorie-free vinegar, and a diet Pepsi.  Again, a huge departure from my usual favorites of pasta and garlic toast or gooey grilled cheese sandwich and fries.  I feel like this is an enormous accomplishment for me, as I have always viewed a restaurant meal as an opportunity to cut loose and not worry about calories.  The problem is, we find ourselves eating out a little too often for that attitude to not completely derail my otherwise successful dieting effort.  I'm still trying to cut down on restaurant-eating even more - who needs to pay $9.00 for a bowl of spinach leaves and 6 smallish shrimp?  

I'm becoming hugely motivated by teeny little things, like getting into an old pair of size 10 jeans that haven't fit me in a year.  Yes it's true; last summer I was having a bit of success working off pregnancy pounds and had actually gotten down as low as 149.0 pounds at one point.  I never made it to 148.0, though.    LOL    Then, I started gaining again...well, eating again.  I got all the way back up to 165.5, and that's where I was this past February 7th, which is the date I officially consider my "hitting rock bottom" day, after months of yo-yoing since last September. 

So I squeezed into those size 10s yesterday and smiled ALL DAMN DAY.  I've also noticed other little things, such as my workouts getting easier (especially Tae Bo!), and my stomach not twisting every time I see junk food I love, and being able to go much longer between eating or drinking anything.  I can FEEL that my stomach has shrunk.  I'm still not seeing much of a difference when I look in the mirror, but other people are starting to tell me that my face looks thinner, or my legs, or whatever.  Either they're really seeing it or they're just trying to encourage me, but whichever it is, I'll take the cheerleading!

I still feel like my goal weight of 125 is do-able by June.  I weighed 153.0 at my Monday morning weigh-in this week, and I was 152.5 this morning.  I have officially lost 13.0 pounds from my starting 165.5 weight.  I'm PSYCHED!  I wrote out a little chart to further motivate myself.  If I lose 3.0 pounds every single week starting this week, I will weigh 124.0 by June 6th.  I feel that 3.o pounds per week is ABSOLUTELY possible!!!  This is my goal.  Yesterday, I ate my measly 1100 calories, did an hour of combined Tae Bo and treadmill-while-watching-Twilight, and I was a noodle/puddle at the end.  I fell asleep stark naked with my wet hair in a towel and woke up at 3:30 a.m., frickin' FREEZING.  Hopefully that will be the dumbest thing I do this week.

Soldier on, ladies!  Would love to hear how you're all faring in your journeys - it's very motivating to get tips from everyone!!!    :o)

A lil' reverse-psych motivation this morning... LMAO.

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