Saturday, March 5, 2011

My husband makes my mouth water

Hey Goils, How's it going out there?  Anyone besides Kristin and me still dieting?  Oh, you are but it has lost all of it's novelty, and you are getting pissed about only losing a half a pound a week when you feel like you have been starving to death and are exhausted and suffering constant brain farts from lack of nutrition?  Yeah, me too.   I'm down 9 pounds now.  My first "goal" is to lose ten pounds so I'm getting close.

Yesterday I had a huge eating day.  We went over to Mitch's parent's house for dinner and although she made mostly healthy lo-cal food, I ate a metric shit-ton of it.  Smoked fish, crackers, chips, chili, corn bread, angel food cake with cherries in syrup and whip cream.  Lots of food.  It was so great.  I really needed to eat something good.

I've been doing pretty good on the exercising too, except for this past week because I worked every day teaching third grade, which wasn't very taxing, but I didn't feel like working out in the evening.  Today I brought Kira to a movie with her friends, and while she was at the movie (Gnomio and Juliet: SACRILEGE!) I went to the Y and worked out like an utter fool.  I did the stair stepper for 30 minutes, the elliptical for 30 minutes, the treadmill RUNNING for 15 minutes, and then 15 minutes of arm weights and crunches.  I'm counting it as three workouts in my work-out-three-hundred-times-this-year-new-year's-resolution.

I'm back on the diet wagon today.  I made a healthy (and disgusting) stir fry for dinner and because of the disgustingness of it only had a small portion.  I'd really like half a chocolate cake right now, but I'm staying strong.  Also, there is not chocolate cake here or else I would probably have a whole chocolate cake.

I read a book about the Donner Party this last week.  Little tip:  don't read about starving people who resort to cannibalism when you are "starving" yourself.  You will develop a weird inner-turmoil when your mind wanders to ways you could made human flesh into delicious recipes, and you will look at your husband and think about what part of him you would like to eat, if you had to eat him. (Shoulders, hams mmmmmmmmmmm)


  1. yeah, i'm doing a terribly job at both the dieting and the working out right now! the last two weeks just totally, completely, got away from me. plus, we got crazy amounts of snow, and so being out in it either driving to the gym or walking around was not fun. NO EXCUSES this week, though, promise. while my last workout was awesome, it really didn't carry me over the past week! :-)

  2. Still trudging along here, today is "Day Three" of my dreaded "Four Straight Days of Eating Events." Friday, sister's birthday. I did OK. Ate one BITE of crab slather on a baguette, a half slice of cheese pizza (baby's leftovers), a few carrots, 1 1/2 smallish Rice Krispie bars (sister's choice of "Birthday cake), and only ONE homemade margarita. YUMMY. Yesterday was a wedding in my hometown, International Falls. (John Decker's, life-long bud and Kindergarten classmate). I ate practically nothing the first 2/3 of the day in preparation for the inevitable wedding dinner. Did OK even then; 1 1/2 white dinner rolls with butter being my gravest offense. I ate about half my breaded chicken, baby red potatoes, carrots an squash, and gave my cake to the hubby. Did drink one glass of white zinfandel and one can of Coke Classic, but quit there. Today has been OK. Started badly with the AmericInn's continental breakfast; ugh. Biscuit with "egg" on it (probably a pre-made, Egg Beaters-type of thing; it was perfectly round...), a plain cake doughnut, a full-fat cherry-vanilla yogurt, two giant cups of orange juice, one cup of coffee... Grrrrr. But since then I've been pretty decent. Had a cup of cappucino for "lunch" at the DECC; Lollipop Concert for the Youth Symphony, which my daughter and niece both play in. I've had nothing since, but diner is imminent. Baked tilapia (I left the cornflake crumbs off my two fillets), steamed asparagus (with spray butter), tossed salad (with spray dressing), and 5 oz. sangria (160 measured calories). I'm 100% motivated. Doing the elliptical for an hour after dinner settles; 450 burned there. As of today, I'm down 9 pounds. Actually looking forward to this week as far as motivation goes; hoping to do well. Tomorrow is a dinner meeting at "Aces" in Superior - going to do my darndest to keep it as light as possible. I hope I can do it! Good luck this week, ladies! I am bound and determined to hit my goal by June 1st - I refuse to waddle around in a swimsuit this summer. !!!!!!! LOL

  3. Okay, devastation. I got on the scale this morning and gained 2.5 pounds. TWO AND A HALF POUNDS! How does that even happen? When I do really well on a diet week I never LOSE 2.5 pounds. If I ever meet Mother Nature in person I'm going to punch her in the face. Needless to say I had an awful day of eating today. Culvers. Do I need to say any more? Nothing is less healthy than fried cheese. Nothing. Tomorrow is a clean slate, right?

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmm, Butter Burger. LOVE Culvers.

    Not to worry. A day or two of diligence and the 2 1/2 gained will be a memory. It won't stick.
    Clean slate tomorrow, YES!!! Back to the grind and fat-free cheese on RyKrisp. DEE-lish.