Thursday, March 10, 2011


I read a post from Milk and Cake this morning and I thought it was so excellent and put all this dieting garbage into perspective.  She's totally right.  We should not be worried about how attractive or enviable our parts and areas are to other people, and obsess over what the scale says.  We should be aiming for healthy bodies and we should celebrate the great things we can do with those healthy bodies.  Check out the post.  It's great.

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  1. I liked the post. I read the whole thing! it does helpto put things in perspective for me, especially after coming off 5 straight days of unavoidable "food events." I'll never be the kind of chick who can skip a family birthday dinner, a wedding, a family restaurant excursion, a dinner meeting, or a lunch celebration just because I don't want to over-indulge. I guess the guilt I feel afterward because of all of the calories I consumed is now ingrained. UGH. My brain is completely messed-up now. I see a picture like that bony woman and I immediately think, "I USED to look like that. I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!" I feel like I am need of de-programming or something...