Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey girlies, Kristin here.  How was everybody's weekend?  As per my last post, mine sucked ass and there's just no way to sugar-coat that.  (Mmmmmm, SUGAR...)

I ate.  A ridiculous amount.  We had company from out of town Friday through Sunday (I know; EXCUSES, EXCUSES...)!  Friday night we ate at India Palace, which is my flat-out all-time favorite restaurant in Duluth, and has been since it opened.  If you're ever in town, you'd be a big dork if you didn't try it.  Seriously.  Here, you can drool over some pictures of their food:  India Palace Restaurant in Duluth, MN.

So anyway.  After stuffing my face with veggie samosas slathered in tamarind chutney, a piece of naan the size of two of my heads, half a (huge) pot of basmati rice, a hefty-sized vat of Navratan Korma, and two cups of sweet chai, I waddled to the truck in sweet, sweet misery.  I woke up Saturday still full, and mentally unprepared (unwilling?) to count calories in such a state.  So instead, I baked a chocolate birthday cake for our guests' daughter (she turned 12 on Sunday), and a batch of Tollhouse chocolate-peanut butter cookies (for no reason), and a huge pot of chili and another pot of basmati rice that we all ate for lunch.  Saturday night was spent chomping popcorn and movie candy in front of the t.v., watching "Green Zone" with my hubby.  Sunday was a teeny (TEENY!) bit better, as far as calorie-volume went.  But only a teeny bit.  I didn't count.  And by Sunday evening, I was pretty pissed off at myself, because Sunday would have been a really easy day for me to be disciplined.  The company had left by early afternoon, I hadn't eaten much up to that point, and I could/should have been able to fall back into sync for the rest of the day and finish the weekend on a slightly-redeemed note.  Sadly, it was not to be.  I just ate whatever.  Cookies, frozen meal(s!), (lots of) cheese, yogurt(s), more popcorn, more candy (another movie), etc.  Not surprisingly, I was up two pounds on Monday morning.

Which leads me to today, Wednesday morning, and by some bizarre, cosmic twist of fate, now I am down 5.5 pounds from Monday morning.  WTF?!  I did only eat 1100 calories - EXACTLY - Monday and Tuesday...  I did an hour on the treadmill Monday evening... but the 300 calories I burned don't add up to 5.5 pounds in anyone's book.  I was pretty excited to see that I am now 11 pounds lighter (total, since February 7th), but I am afraid to trust it.  I'm still really struggling with how little food the 1100 calories actually is.  I'm still spreading out my calories and teeny-tiny "meals" throughout the day, and still trying to exercise as many times per week as possible, but after two days of having the scale go down instead of up, I am tentatively thinking ahead to summer.  I want this boring odyssey to be OVER by June 1st.  I want to be at my goal weight in time for summer.  I want to weigh 125 pounds, and I want my stomach to be shrunk back down to the size of a Cadbury Creme Egg, and I want it to stay that way until I'm 90.  

Gee, I don't want much, eh?

I have no real reason for posting this pic, except that I can't stop laughing and wanted to share the humor.


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  1. I took the weekend off too. I was up in the Falls and whenever I go there I feel like vegging out the whole time. I sat around, ate good food, watched movies and did not move my body any more than I had to to go to the table for dinner. I'm back on now and doing pretty good. It's kind of a relief to be back on because I sort of enjoy not being stuffed full of food.