Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Cupcake Saturday!

Hi, Sarah here!  I have been doing okay.  I usually stick pretty close to my 1,100 calorie goal on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, but I start to unravel on Thursday, Friday is pizza night, and then on the weekend, why bother, I'll start again on Monday.  I've managed to maintain 10 pounds lost, and now I have to get motivated again because I want to lose another ten pounds.  That's my next goal.

That being said, Kira had some friends over on Saturday and they wanted to make cupcakes so I got all the ingredients, and they made some different kinds.  I was thinking that it would be fine because I'd just send the cupcakes home with the girls, but before they went home I managed to eat SIX cupcakes!  This is why I can't have anything good in the house.  The girls had fun making them and I felt like mother of the year until I heard Kira ask one of her friends what her dad does for work and the friend said, "He's a stay-at-home dad" and Kira said, "OH!  I'm so jealous!"  SURE!  THANKS A LOT!

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  1. Ah, girlie. Don't beat yourself up too bad over the cupcakes. I made the (COLOSSAL) mistake of baking Tollhouse chocolate chip-peanut butter chip cookies on Sunday. And by dinnertime Monday, I had eaten EIGHTEEN of them.

    (I wish I was kidding!!!!!!!)

    Doing better today. Starving and my cookies are all gone.