Tuesday, May 22, 2012

State of the Diet Address

I FINALLLLLLLLYYY lost one pound.  I've been on my diet, my MILITANT diet, all of May and first I gained a half a pound, and now I have lost a whole pound.  Or should I say; four sticks of butter.  I have lost four sticks of butter.  I'd like to say I "officially" lost four sticks of butter, but you can't really count those sticks of butter as weight lost until you lose 20 or 25 sticks of butter.  I bet my body fluctuates all day long and I if I weighed myself any time other than first thing in the morning, after a productive poop, buck naked starving and dehydrated, I would be disappointed.  No, not disappointed.  Suicidal. 

My pants were not painful to put on (clean) this morning and that counts for a lot with me.  Because I have been so disappointed with my lack-of-weight-loss, I have reluctantly decided to increase my level and frequency of exercise.  Gross.  I'm getting old and it sucks.  Exercise is painful.  I am so incredibly out of shape from a winter of watching MeTV and sitting on my ass.  The first few times I rode my bike this year were painful.  The first time I did it, it was so hard that I thought my tires must be flat.  They weren't.  The biking is getting easier, but it's still shockingly hard.  Last year it was a dream.  It was so fun because it was so easy.  This year I see a hill; or more correctly, I see a slight incline; and I want to cry. 

I've been walking a lot too.  I usually walk four miles because that is a country block.  I've been aiming to do it in an hour and I'm almost making it.  I'm only off by a few minutes.  My butt is sooooo sore.  And I think I have arthritis in my right hip.  No, I KNOW I have arthritis in my hip.  Sometimes it hurts like a sonofabitch and I have started having to sleep with a pillow between my knees. 

I also started an exercise routine to do on days when I don't walk or bike or do a tape.  It's just lunges and squats and crunches and stuff.  I do about 30 minutes and call it good. 

I've been trying to be HEALTHY lately and have been only feeding myself stuff my body actually needs.  I'm off refined sugar and white flour.  I eat enough vegetables to choke a horse, and I even switched from coffee to tea.  I've been reading labels and I still don't think Diet Coke is so bad.  I got a water out of a machine today and I thought it was plain, but it is strawberry flavored (gross).  It has almost twice as much sodium as DC and is sweetened with aspartame, just like Coke.  Diet Coke would be better for me than this water. 

That is the current state of the diet.  Not so bad.  Not great, but not so bad.   


  1. Congrats on all of the good things you are doing - all of those things that are the RIGHT shit to do, and because they're right, they're effing HARD as hell. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with you on all of that!

    I am (FINALLY, DAMNIT!) having marginal success on my end. I counted back the months (YEARS) and was shocked to realize that my very first blog post - on my little weight-loss blog - was September 20th, 2010. I took a photo of my scale that day - I weighed 159.0. What this means is that it has taken me TWENTY months to lose 16 pounds. This morning, I weighed 143.0. I have managed to lose a whopping 1.25 pounds per MONTH.

    Now, for the revelation:

    The real kicker is this: I have lost NINE of those 16 pounds in the past 29 days!!!!!!!

    I will post above what I'm doing... it's basically all of the things you're doing!!!

  2. Keep up the good work!! I have FINALLY started to get serious about the weight loss too. I weighed myself last Monday and I was 189. WHAAAAAAT?!? The scale at the gym HAS to be off. So I am slowly starting to eat healthier (doing the same things you are except not QUITE as militant) and trying to work out every day. I lost a lb last week. I'm SHOOTING for 20 by the time I go to Camp Atterbury on 07 July. It certainly ain't easy. Donna made an AMAZING turkey dinner tonight so I had a tiny dab of mashed potatoes with a drop of gravy and then a pile of turkey breast and extra broccoli and cauliflower. At lunch today, we went to the galley and while everyone else was enjoying hot dogs and fries, I was choking down salad. But I'm sick of feeling gross and out of shape so will just have to endure the pain of these next couple weeks until MY pants don't hurt to put on!! :)

    The big motivator for me is going out to my cabin in about 5 weeks and having to put on a bathing suit. YIKES!! OK....I'm going to bed so I don't eat anything else.....