Thursday, May 3, 2012

I still think protein is bullshit

Yes, I can see how early morning exercise would be beneficial:  feeling good all day, AND knowing that you have the exercising bit out of the way and don't have to dread it for the rest of the day, and I am hoping to incorporate that in my schedule this summer, but for now I usually have to be to work by about 7:15 or so and there is, as you so aptly put it "No Fucking Way" I am getting up at 5:00 AM to exercise.  Getting up at 6:00 is painful enough.  I am not what you would call a morning person.

I ate more than my RDA of carbs and sugar yesterday and I felt 1000 times better than I had on the days I was eating mostly protein.  I am  not even exaggerating.  Today I ate around a thousand calories and more carbs than is recommended and again I feel way WAY better.  I think I need the carbs.  And even if a high protein/low carb diet is better for me, feeling like that was BULLSHIT.  I felt like gravity was heavier and the atmosphere was like soup.  It was hard to even move.  A couple dozen more grams of carbs makes all the difference to me so I say fuck conventional wisdom.  If I felt like that much longer I would have had to be hospitalized for depression.  The only real differences I made were that I had a teeny bowl of raisin bran for breakfast instead of eggs, an apple with lunch instead of some kind of vegetable, and I had some baked Lays with my veggie sub for dinner.  That's it!  I'm not even hungry right now.

Tomorrow is the first weigh day since I've been starving to death, so we will see if I took off some poundage or if my body went in to shock and is holding on like grim death to every single ounce of fat I ever had.

Wish me luck!

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