Monday, April 30, 2012


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sarah.  So glad to read your post.  I am RIGHT THERE with you, on all of it.  I am in "desperation mode."

I am starting a group, this month.  I REALLY want you to be in the group.  We'll meet every fourth Wednesday of the month (to give us 2 weeks between Book Club food binges, yyyyyaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk)

The Club is going to be a "Healthy Lifestyle" Club.   (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

BUT................................. with a twist.

It's not going to be about dieting, or weigh-ins.  I'll have a scale if people want to do a monthly weigh-in at the meeting, but it's up to them.  It's going to be part cooking and sharing of healthy recipes and meal ideas (we'll cook one thing each meeting, and everyone can bring in one healthy recipe they've found, so people can go home with a handful of new, healthy stuff to try...)

In addition to cooking, it'll be part gab-fest.  Going around the circle and telling how our month has gone, food-wise, weight-wise, emotions-wise, etc.  We all know the real reason we over-eat, right?  All women - at at least all women I KNOW - are emotional eaters.  We over-eat for a reason, and it's almost always tied to our feelings of failure about our weight, fear of not succeeding, disgust with ourselves about letting ourselves go, worry we won't be attractive to our man, mental and physical exhaustion caused both by the extra weight and the emotional effects that has, etc.  I intend to research, read, and find out the answers, and more importantly, figure out a way to make those answers available to help our group members.  I miss teaching, and I feel like I have information I need to share with women going through the same things I am.

So it'll be social, healthy snacks, emotional support, making friends, finding someone to go for a walk with, and generally just a reason to get out of the fucking house once a month that won't result in a 1500-calorie binge, like Book Club is.  I enjoy Book Club, I do.  But every time I go, I gain 3 pounds, and that depresses the shit out of me for a week.

I'm only inviting a few people to join club.  My Mom, Dana, you, my cousin Anne (who is also trying to lose weight), Anne's daughter-in-law Leah, my work supervisor Linda, three women who are either married to or dating friends of my husband, my friend Sue (from UMD days), and if there's anyone else from Book Club who REALLY wants to come, they can.  All of these people won't come, so I'm not worried.  I think we'll end up with 6 or maybe 7 people at the most.

I'll write to you more when I have more details.  Right now I'm in the planning stages, but it's going to be basically:  SUPPORT.  Women talking to other women about all of the issues you wrote about above.  We're all dealing with this shit. 

Re:  the 1000 calories goal - you can do it.  I am doing the same, for a couple weeks, to kick-start myself.  Again.

Do you have an elliptical or treadmill at home?  I have had an epiphany this week.  I started doing a SLOW workout EARLY in the mornings last Monday.  I always thought I would HATE trying to exercise in the early mornings, because I'm always so fricking exhausted when I open my eyes.  Come to find out, it only took TWO mornings on the machines and I was HOOKED!  I was so charged up the past 8 days about sticking with it that I did seven morning workouts in the past eight days!!!  I watched True Blood episodes and now I'm watching the Twilight movies again.  I can't believe I'm saying it, but I LOVE getting my blood pumping in the morning.  The added benefit is, it helps control my hunger all day!  I am constantly thinking about not wanting to ruin the good I did by exercising that morning, so I put down the chocolate and walk away, rather than saying, "WTF?!  I probably won't even find time to work out today anyway."

I have 61 days until my husband's class reunion, and my own is the week after his, on July 7th.  I have to lose 2.8 pounds per week to hit my goal.  I already have accepted the fact that I may not reach that, but I'm NOT going to let myself quit trying.  Summer is coming.  I don't want to be fat through another entire summer - AGAIN.  And I am carrying 24 pounds more than what my clothes comfortably hold right now.

I'll write more soon...  keep up the good work.  ICE WATER IS THE MAGIC PILL.  I hate it.  Always have.  But all pop - even diet - causes fat storage.  Sugar IS the devil.  But artificial sweeteners are the devil's bitch.  I know you've read all this, and I'm only sharing it because I NEVER THOUGHT I'd ever be able to kick my pop habit.  I would switch back and forth between real pop and diet, thinking I couldn't live without both.  I kept telling myself "it's my ONLY vice!  It's better than smoking or drinking alcohol!"  But really... it's not better.  All pop is poisonous.  Artificial sweeteners are even worse than natural sugar.  If you can, cold-brew some ice tea in your favorite fruit flavors.  I love peach and raspberry.  Sweeten it with a little turbinado sugar or Truvia (less processed than white granulated).  It TOTALLY satisfies the craving for a pop of any kind.  All I've been drinking this past week is ice water (sometimes with a slice of lemon), ice tea, (lots of flavors), and hot tea.  A glass of 1% milk here and there, and coffee once in a while, too.  You CAN do this.  The minute pop is gone from your system, the belly starts to shrink.  It's TRUE.

More soon......................................

WHERE are these men?!

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