Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How Many Times Have I Started Over? And Should It MATTER?!

I am, once again, reinventing my weight-loss strategy.

I have 27 pounds to lose in 74 days, or roughly 2.55 pounds per week.  This is borderline too ambitious for me (for most people?!), but you know what???  I have ALWAYS performed better under extreme pressure.  I am convinced this is why I sabotage myself when trying to lose weight:  If I don't have a deadline; a goal date by which I MUST HAVE THE POUNDS GONE, then my unspoken mantra tends to be, "What's the rush???"

So, onward.  I wanted to type a big long spiel tonight and I've spent most of the past two hours IMing with people I haven't talked to in awhile, so... I will post more asap.  I still check this blog every day or two, because I do get pumped up reading about everyone else's trials and tribulations and successes and tips and ideas and great food info.!  Keep it all coming, ladies!  And thank you for sharing!!!  :o)


  1. Honestly, you look beautiful right now. Nobody in their right mind would call you chubby or overweight. Even if your reunion was tomorrow, you'd look great (unless your new tats are festering). I bet you have aged better than most of the people in your class.

  2. Well, thank you chica. I guess I don't feel like I look monstrous, but I have the clothing issue/problem to contend with, and I'm a very cheap female. I have a closet and dresser full of clothes that all fit me at my "pre-Paige"-weight. And they're clothes that I liked. And they're not so old that they're out of style yet. So I have that age-old dilemma running around in my head, constantly: HOW can I justify going out and buying an entire new 152-pound wardrobe (which is where my body seems to want to be, I admit it...) - when I have the 125-pound wardrobe sitting there waiting for me to "come back?" The thought of hauling all of my clothes to Goodwill or Damiano and then having to go out clothes-shopping for literally everything makes be physically ill (almost as ill as the prospect of shoe-shopping, which is by far my most hated activity.)

    I'll not miserable physically, though I HATE how I look naked. I have the huge, flabby, flaccid post-baby gut that won't go away. The number on the scale I'm shooting for I know is just a metaphor for, "I want to love how I look again; I want to wear my old clothes again."

    You may be wondering, "If all of her clothes are for the "old" her, then what is she wearing to work every day? What does she wear to Book Club? Or anywhere else? Well, I have ONE pair of jeggings that I wear EVERY day. Like your dirty jeans story! LOL I bought two pair, and my teen commandeered one of them, and that leaves me with one. I REFUSE to buy more, because the next pair I buy I want to be in a smaller size. I'm not a size-Nazi, I swear. But at 152 pounds, I wear a size 7 jeggings. Which I know is a fallacy, but jeggings have SO MUCH stretchy elastic-y stuff in them, I could seriously pile on another 50 or 70 pounds and these 7's would still fit. If I ever hit 125 again (and hey, I might never...), I'd probably wear a "0" in jeggings. And that shit just makes me giggle.

    Thanks again for the vote of confidence! As I sit here waiting for my Erberts & Gerberts Titan on white, Cheetos (NO, Paige, these are MOMMY'S CHEETOS!!!), and 20 oz. Coke Classic to be delivered to me, I needed the pick-me-up in a BIG way. Ahhhhhh. TGIF: Otherwise known around our place as "Diet?! What Diet?! Day."

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