Friday, December 16, 2011

A new fave....

Oh yummy!  Coconut milk (not to be confused with coconut water - ewww) is awesome.  I get the creamer for my morning iced coffees, and recently tried the egg-free eggnog and mint chocolate milk.  Dairy free, gluten free, and packed with the good stuff.  (have to watch the added sugar, though)  I just read that coconut milk is has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, so drink up!

And also, don't confuse the brand name "So Delicious" with "Soy Delicious" as that is obviously soy based - which I also like. 

I've been fighting a wonderful cold, so I haven't been too active.  However, I'm still on my plan and haven't gained any weight either.  Looking forward to feeling better.  Soon.  Please!

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  1. I will try it!!! I've been terrible the past few weeks. Lots of snacking, lots of cheating...lots of EATING. This Friday is our annual 8-hour Cookie Baking Fiesta with the two grandmas, me and my sister, and the two teenagers. We started the tradition last year, and are continuing it this year, since it was so much fun! We baked about 40 dozen cookies last year. At an average of about 130 calories each, that means we baked - and almost completely consumed - roughly 62,4000 calories. In a weekend. As my little sis said to me, "WHY DO THE MATH?!"

    I am trying every day to stick to my Four Rules - eat only when hungry, keep portions small, don't eat when driving, watching t.v., on the computer, etc., and quit eating when I start to feel full. Honestly, if I could just do those things EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have no doubt I'd lose my last 25 pounds. I've been holding steady, so that's tolerable, but I'd prefer to be losing. Is that seriously too much to expect in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas?! And if so, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????